TerraLUX WorkStar60 LED Work Light

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Here’s a scenario…You are outside working on something
important, and the traditional hanging shop light which is hooked
to your workspace gets dislodged. It falls, and the hot light bulb
inside the metal protective cage shatters into a million pieces –
leaving you and your project in total darkness. Or perhaps that
light doesn’t get dislodged, but instead the bulb burns out
at an inconvenient time. Or okay, here’s another: what if you need
the light while working on a project in the middle of
nowhere, but there is no outlet anywhere nearby – perhaps
not for miles.

If you can picture yourself in any of those situations, then
you’ll appreciate the product I’ll be talking about today, the
TerraLUX WorkStar60 LED
Work Light

It looks similar to the lights that the guys at the airport use
to wave in their planes, doesn’t it? The WorkStar60 is a 15″ long x
2.5″ wide light wand that may just render the traditional hanging
shop light obsolete. Why? Because it is not only bright, it is
nearly unbreakable, the LEDs will last nearly forever, and it is

60 SUPER-bright LEDs
Non-replaceable NiMH battery pack (no memory effect and more
friendly to the environment)
The battery pack will last approximately 500 deep charge/discharge
Approximately 240 Lumens
AC & DC Chargers included
2 hour Runtime until half as bright, and 4 hours until dead
Full Charge in 90 minutes from a totally discharged battery
Built-in Hook and anti-roll handle
90 Day Warranty
Magnetic Mounting Clips available October 2006
Available in 120 VAC and also 220-240 VAC for UK, Europe and

Included in the package are the WorkStar as well as the AC and
DC chargers. The light wand’s plastic body only weighs 9.5 ounces,
and it is incredibly solid with no flexing when torqued.

The main feature of this device are the sixty LEDs lined in rows
built into the wand’s shaft. The LED at the very bottom of the lineup
glows red when the wand is turned on, and it will glow even when
the battery pack is drained to the point that the white LEDs will
no longer illuminate. According to the WorkStar FAQ page, the red LED is an
indication that the “unit is still functional, but requires a cycle
charge.” If the red LED doesn’t come on when the power switch is
in the ON position, “or the white LEDs do not light when one of the
adapters (AC or DC) is attached to it, the unit may be defective
and should be replaced or discarded properly.”

The back of the shaft shows the TerraLUX branding.

A 360º swivel hook at the top of
the wand allows the light to hang from a fixed object while being
turned to whatever direction is required to properly light the

There are no user-openable sections, and other than the charging
port at the light’s base, all other possible water entry points are
sealed. According to the FAQ, the “worklight has passed IP44
standard testing; it is resistant to dust, debris ingress, and
splashing water but is not waterproof.” There is a flexible clear
rubber cover over the ON/OFF switch which helps keep water out. I
can’t help but think that if a rubber cap had been added to the
base the waterproof properties of the light would have been further

The ON/OFF switch is a simple toggle, as shown in the following

While the overall build of the wand lends itself to being shock
and impact resistant, the FAQ states “the unit can sustain a short
distance fall (~3) but is not specifically designed or rated to
prevent damage if the fall is excessive, it is run over by a
vehicle, or crushed between a hinged mechanism (hood of car,
storage container, etc.).” I dropped it from a distance of five
feet onto my concrete driveway and the light turned on and worked
without a flaw.

The wand’s anti-roll handle is approximately 2″ wide, and it
fits comfortably and more or less securely in hand when the light
is not hanging. The addition of a slot for a removable wrist strap
would greatly enhance the wand’s security when in hand.

When turned on, the 60 bright white LEDs are amazing!
Reminiscent of the light bars used my the military to communicate
with the aliens in Close Encounters of the
Third Kind
, the only thing these LEDs won’t do is flash or glow
in patterns. Come to think of it, that would be a very
attractive feature for future versions!

When tested in my 37 foot long hallway, I daresay that the light
illuminated better than any flashlight I have ever tested.
Now granted, it is bigger…but would you look at that projected

The TerraLUX WorkStar60 LED
Work Light
is a worthy upgrade to something that most people
keep in their garage. Whether it is used to illuminate a problem
under an automobile’s hood, guide its user along a dark path at
night, or to communicate with aliens, the wand should be a welcome
addition to anyone’s toolbox.

here for a printable PDF

Click here for the Worklight FAQs


Product Information

  • Accepts chargeing by either AC or DC adapter
  • Extremely bright
  • Water resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Rechargeable
  • AC & DC chargers included
  • A rubber cover over the charging port would improve water resistance

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