Pad and Quill Briefcase review

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It’s no secret that I go on trips a lot. From IP cameras to watch my cats, to backpacks for the plane, I love to use items that make life easier when I am away. When I was given a chance to review The Briefcase by Pad and Quill, I thought it might make a great bag for the plane, but also could be used by my husband for work. After a few weeks of trying it out, and one vacation later, let’s see if it worked for my tastes or not.

In the nice, stylish box, you’ll find the briefcase wrapped in a cloth bag for protection. My first impressions varied; I wasn’t the biggest fan of the color of the canvas, but I did like the dual color of black leather and green canvas together. My husband liked the color, and while the color grew on me, I still ended up thinking it had more of a masculine look.
To open the briefcase, pull the top flap free from the rivet on the front of the case. A secondary way to secure your items is with the polished nickel zipper that is designed not to scratch your hand when you reach into the bag. It is a sturdy zipper that I have no doubt will last for years to come.
Inside of the flap, you’ll find the signature of the maker of the briefcase. It adds that touch that lets you know that it is hand made. The top part of the flap, handles, shoulder strap, and the area around the zipper are all made of water resistant leather, while the rest of the briefcase is made with 24 oz, water repellent waxed canvas. It is always good to have water protection in the Pacific Northwest.
I’ll start with the inside of the briefcase, since I’ve already opened it up for you. There is a lot of room in here! Each side of the bag has a sleeve that is easily large enough for a 15 inch laptop and iPad together. There is no padding for the laptop which made me a little wary, but once I slipped my Macbook into the sleeve, I felt it was pretty safe. I just made sure not to drop the bag heavily on to the ground.
There are also a few smaller pockets sewn into the larger pockets. I used these for snacks, but they are good for earbuds, chargers, or any smaller items. I could fit my Kindle Paperwhite most of the smaller pockets except the one on the right in the above picture, for size reference. Lastly, there are a few sleeves sewn in for pens and pencils.
On the outside of the briefcase, you’ll find two large sleeves for whatever you choose. These do not close, so keep that in mind. They worked really well when going through airport security, as I had my Macbook ready in the outer pockets for placing in the bin. Later, when I got to my gate, I was able to transfer it inside of the bag without being rushed. Other than for these short instances, I did not find myself using the outer pockets.
I was able to fit a lot of stuff into this briefcase. I took it on a short trip to Las Vegas, using it as if it were my standard backpack, and it easily fit everything that I needed, including a throw blanket that was not shown in the picture. I used the zipper to close it initially, but since then, I have just used the rivet and flap to close up the top and nothing has yet to fall out.
The bag was pretty heavy once it was packed full of gear and I had two options on how to carry it. The first option was to use the leather handles attached to the sides of the bag, while the other was to attach the adjustable leather shoulder strap to the D rings on the side of the briefcase and use it that way. Both the strap and handles are very well made, sturdy, and I have no doubt that they’ll last a long time, even with heavy use. The metal clasps are the claw type and easy to use.
I ended up slinging it over my shoulder most times, and my one complaint about the bag came with the shoulder strap. While it is well made, the padding on the shoulder strap could be just a little wider. After carrying it through an airport, my shoulder was a little sore from the strap digging in. The size of the briefcase was great to wear, however, and it rested comfortably against my hip or back.

Since my husband carries around tons of electronics for his job as a programmer, I thought this would be a perfect use for this briefcase. I sent him to work for a couple days with it, and here are his thoughts:

If I had to think of a problem I had with the bag, it’s just that it’s big enough to hold a lot of equipment. I put too many laptops and tablets in it and it was heavy! I lightened it up the next day and it was easier to use. The shoulder strap was sturdy and comfortable, and the bag sits well on my hip when I walk. The zipper looks robust (as well as its teeth) and is unlikely to break off easily. The flap of the bag is built without a snap, which actually makes it easier to close.

With a 25 year warranty and excellent craftsmanship, I have little doubt that The Briefcase by Pad and Quill will last a long time. It is a little pricey, but if you consider that it may be used for 25 years, it doesn’t add up to much. The variety of color combinations available make it so you can pick out one that suits your style for the years to come. If you are looking for a sturdy briefcase that can store quite a bit, and have the money to purchase it, you may consider The Briefcase by Pad and Quill in your search.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Pad and Quill. Please visit their website for more information.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Pad and Quill
  • - Sturdy
  • - Water resistant
  • - Can fit quite a bit
  • - Could use a slightly bigger shoulder pad

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  2. I love the Pad & Quill briefcase, received from my dearest hubby on Christmas day, the small one. Even the small one can hold everything I need on a daily basis. The colour I got is the Charcoal gray and Wiskey Leather, a beautiful combination. I do agree that it holds a lot and I use the shoulder strap, giving my hands more freedom 🙂


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