D-Link’s Wi-Fi smart plugs can now be controlled by the Amazon Echo


Controlling your D-Link Wi-Fi smart plugs just got even easier because now they can be controlled with your voice by using your Amazon Echo device.

D-Link announced that its Connected Home Wi-Fi Smart Plugs are directly compatible with Amazon Echo1, providing users the hands-free convenience of controlling their smart home via voice commands. Amazon Echo’s voice-powered personal assistant, Alexa, enables users to control anything plugged into a Wi-Fi Smart Plug by simply saying, “Alexa, ask mydlink to turn on the hallway light.”

This latest integration underscores D-Link’s commitment to building an intuitive and customizable Connected Home experience. In addition to Amazon Echo and Alexa, the mydlink® Home app provides a wide range of options for controlling a smart home, including in-app recipes and IFTTT (If This Then That) support.

The next time one of your kids forgets to turn off the lights, you won’t have to yell at them because you can “yell” at Alexa instead! The free mydlink Home app for iOS and Android is available now with integrated support for Amazon Echo and IFTTT. You can find more info at us.dlink.com/connected-home.

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