SOG S63 EOD PowerLock w/V-Cutter Multi-tool

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Is it weird that as a girl, I like tools? I mean, I don’t have a job that requires tools… I’m a corporate america techie that sits in a cube all day long pecking away on a PC and answering / making phone calls for my CAD and data management user support job. Not exactly the type of career that requires me to carry around a pair of pliers, screw driver or saw. But I have always loved pocket knives and small pocket type tools. I guess it comes from my Dad who had a wonderful little pocket knife collection, that I would ‘play with’ whenever my parents would leave my sister and I unattended.

Just to give you a clue to the fact that it takes so little to please me, this past Christmas, my Dad gave me a tiny folding pocket box cutter from Craftsman. I love that little thing and use it all the time given how many boxes I receive. So, when the fine folks at SOG Specialty Knives asked if I would like to take a look at their SOG S63 EOD PowerLock w/V-Cutter Multi-tool, I didn’t have to think about my answer.

sog powerlock 1

I’ll admit that I hadn’t heard of SOG before they contacted me. A quick look at their website while I was waiting for the sample to show up, let me learn a little more about them. First of all the name SOG originally stood for Studies and Observation Group. This was an elite joint services military group designed for covert operations in the Vietnam War. This group was sanctioned to develop and purchase their own equipment, SOG created a knife for use in one of the harshest environments in the world. It is in the spirit of this elite group that SOG Specialty Knives was founded.

A few days later the S63 PowerLock arrived in the mail. Available in polished stainless steel or Black Oxide finishes, I was sent the stainless steel version to review.

sog powerlock 2

sog powerlock 3

The tool arrived packed in a wonderfully protective heavy duty leather belt case with a snap flap and metal rivet design.

sog powerlock 7

Upon removing the S63 from its leather case, I knew I held a quality multi-tool in my hand. I’ve reviewed a few other multi-tools over the years, so I am familiar with them. I’ve actually kept a Gerber tool from a past review in my computer room tool drawer for several years now. The SOG definitely feels different the tools I’ve used / reviewed in the past.

sog powerlock 4

The differences are quite evident when you swing open the handles to reveal the pliers. The swing action is so smooth, quiet and easy that it made me actually say “wow”, the first time I did it.

sog powerlock 5

The S63 PowerLock is 7″ long while fully open and 4.6″ long when closed. It weighs in at 9.6 oz.

In the regular open position, you see the needle nose pliers and wire cutter. Below the gears between the handles, you can also see the feature that gives this tool the EOD moniker. EOD stands for (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) which translates to a blasting cap and demolition cord crimper. A feature which I doubt that I’ll ever get the chance to try out, but hey, if I need it, I’ll have it! ;o)

sog powerlock 11

Most plier type tools have a 1 to 7 leverage ratio. The S63 has a 1 to 14 ratio which can allow you to cut through a quarter with one hand. I tried this myself, but I guess I have a wimpy grip, because I couldn’t quite do it. I could cut a penny, but not a quarter.

sog powerlock 6

The rest of the tools are housed in each handle. Pivoting metal ‘doors’ cover the tools and make the handles comfortable to grip while you’re using the tools.

sog powerlock 9

The Left handle houses a 1/2 inch serrated blade, V-cutter, bottle opener / medium flat screw driver and a 1/4 inch socket driver.

sog powerlock 10

The Right handle has a double tooth saw, awl, can opener / small screw driver, large flat screw driver, Phillips screw driver, and 3 sided file.

All of the tools are easy to fold out from the handle and click securely into place when fully extended. You can then close the ‘door’ over the handle and use the extended tool. When extended the tools are solid and do not wiggle around like some multi-tools that I’ve used. Each individual tool feels very rugged and sturdy.

sog powerlock 8

The PowerLock feature is what holds each extended tool in place while it’s extended from the handle.

sog powerlock 12

To unlock the tool, press the PowerLock spring loaded lever under then handle and fold the tool back into the handle. It’s easy!

sog powerlock 13

In hand, the S63 PowerLock is very comfortable. There are no sharp edges or ridges that dig into your fingers or palm of your hand. Even when you are squeezing the handles, I didn’t feel pain or discomfort. The weight and balance of this tool also makes it comfortable to use.

The S63 has one unique feature that I’ve not seen in other multi-tools. You can actually open it using one hand. Think butterfly knife…

See it in action…

sog powerlock 14
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Yeah, I’m not as good at closing the S63, as I am at opening it with one hand. ;o) But it’s a cool maneuver none the less.

This SOG multi-tool is the best made multi-tool that I have had the opportunity to review so far. The construction is excellent and ease of use is wonderful. It has replaced the Gerber tool in my gadgeteer tool drawer.


Product Information

Manufacturer:SOG Knives
Retailer:SOG Knives
  • Smooth handle action
  • Compound leverage
  • Comfortable
  • None

8 thoughts on “SOG S63 EOD PowerLock w/V-Cutter Multi-tool”

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  2. SOGs are great. As a multi-tool freak, I have always wanted one, but cannot justify the cost to have ANOTHER multitool sitting in my drawer.

    I am currently using the Leatherman Juice as my gear bag tool, and a Schrade ToughTool in my workplace traveling tool kit.

    So, Julie… are you sure you don’t need to maybe send the tool (and maybe some other gadgets) around for others to review?:o

  3. Many thanks. This has confirmed my guess that the Powerlock EOD is for me and I’ve ordered one, although I’m not sure it will replace my trusty Victorinox red knife, which opens everything better than standard hand tools, although I expect the pliers will come in handy. I found a 61, which I don’t think has a V cutter like the 62 and 63, but I think I can buy that separately and bolt it on, can’t I? (Just in case I have to cut a seat belt one day–a seat belt saved my life some years ago when I was driving a vehicle that did a somersault off the side of a main road after a tire burst, but I may not be so lucky in being able to undo the seat belt buckle next time.)

  4. I love my SOG multitool. I literally have used it every day for almost three years.
    I was once using the screwdriver for prying something (i’m a bad boy) and i bent it pretty good… I hammered it back into place and used it for another year and a half till it shattered into like four pieces or so.
    I was used to my Powerlock so when someone gave me a Leatherman Blast for Christmas, I broke it in less than a day.

    I’m now swapping out a couple parts so i can have the C4 spike, the v-cutter (didn’t come in mine, got scissors instead) and the wire strippers… my Powerlock will be infinitely more useful then :3

  5. I own the Leatherman, two Gerbers and the SOG. There is absolutely no doubt for me that the SOG is made better than the others. I did break the file and will have to have it replaced. The file is not for prying or to be used a screwdriver. I still use all three but the SOG is by far the superior tool.

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