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Manufacturer installed vehicle DVD systems are a terrific option to entertain the little ones, especially on those long road trips that often occur in the warm weather months of spring and summer.  A common accessory of these systems are wireless headphones.  No wires to get tangled and irritate the kids. I have reviewed the Kidz… Read More

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Spring and Summer will be here before we know it (yes, my fingers are crossed in hope of sooner rather than later) and with warmer weather comes an increase in travel.  Whether it is a 12-hour drive south for spring break or a 30 minute drive to a local water park or beach, when the kids are… Read More

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RC Cooler Review

You ever wanted an ice-cold beverage but were sitting too comfortably to get up to quench your thirst?  This gadget might be the tool that solves just such a dilemma.  The RC Cooler InteractiveToy Concepts is a remote-controlled cooler.  You might recall that Julie posted a comment on the site about this on 3-Dec-2009. Let’s check… Read More

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When I was a kid, the closest thing that I had for an electronic homework helper was a Texas Instruments calculator.  As you are probably aware, those days are long gone.  Families today have countless options for electronic tutoring; ranging in price, complexity and effectiveness. Today I am reviewing one of such option.  LeapFrog’s FLY… Read More

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Have you ever experienced a hard drive failure, losing critical data such as pictures and music?  As I begin this review, my main desktop computer is currently on life support and my data is in (little) jeopardy.  Fortunately, I have an external hard drive that I utilized for routine backup. So it is only fitting that I… Read More


Imagine driving a vehicle with atleast one small child strapped in a car seat behind you.  The child is reading a book or playing with a doll and suddenly it drops to the floor of the car.  The child desperately wants that item but cannot reach it due to the safety restraints, so the child begins to cry… Read More


I recently purchased the Blackberry Storm and since it is my first exploration in to the world of touch screen phones I thought I might want to protect it.  The salesperson at my local cellular provider was fairly high on the Body Glove snap-on case.  Let’s check it out. SPECIFICATIONS: Snap-on hard case covered with a… Read More

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Security is important to all of us and when it comes to technology our passwords are often a critical component.  Everyone knows that our passwords are only as good as we make them.  It is crucial that a password is not easy to guess.  No names, birth dates, need to use both upper and lower… Read More

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I have to be honest, when Julie communicated to her Gadgeteer Geek Gang that we would all be getting a new HP Mini 1000 XP Series Netbook, I was overcome with a feeling much like when I was a kid at Christmas.  You know, that happy/joyous feeling of anticipation that fills the youthful spirit until the… Read More


Lately you have probably been exposed to at least a few media covering portable hard drives. The Gadgeteer has reviewed 3 portable external hard drives since the end of October. You might have purchased or received one as a gift for the holidays. They are a great investment as a backup tool or as a… Read More


Just in time for the holiday season, the fine folks at SLAPPA have released a new series of gear bags with the Aura PRO-TOUR laptop backpack.  In the past, I have reviewed CD cases, laptop bags and sleeves from SLAPPA and I have always been impressed with the quality of their products. SLAPPA markets this… Read More


Recently, I have been concerned with the scenario of a potential hard drive failure on my family’s main computer. The memories captured in thousands of digital photos, the hours spent ripping music and the miscellaneous critical files lost due to any numbers of reasons that cause a computer’s hard drive to crash.


I am always looking for a better mode of transportation for my laptop and other supplies/accessories/junk. Last month I completed a review of the Alienware Odyssey Messenger Bag from Mobile Edge. Now it time to check-out another Alienware branded bag, the Mobile Edge Alienware Orion Messenger Bag.


My Dell laptop backpack has seen better days. There are several places where the material has frayed and it seems like it gets worse with each passing day. That is why I jumped at the opportunity to review a new bag.

Mobile Edge has put together a line of Alienware branded bags. This review covers the Mobile Edge Alienware Odyssey Messenger Bag. Although my current bag is a backpack, I actually prefer the messenger style of bag in terms of look, accessibility and comfort.


I love anything that helps me maximize space in my house especially in those areas where space is somewhat limited, as is the situation in my garage. We essentially have a 2-1/2 car garage but with a full-size sedan and a mini-van plus my tools, kids’ toys and other miscellaneous items space can become sparse rather quickly.