Glove Snap-On Case for the Blackberry Storm

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I recently purchased the Blackberry Storm and since it is my first exploration in to the world of touch screen phones I thought I might want to protect it.  The salesperson at my local cellular provider was fairly high on the Body Glove snap-on case.  Let’s check it out.



  • Snap-on hard case covered with a textured glove material
  • Ultimate custom fit for maximum protection
  • Removable knob for a low profile
  • Adjustable kickstand built into clip
  • Kickstand allows for multiple viewing angles


  • Snap-on Case
  • Belt clip
  • Snap-on replacement plug
  • Snap-on replacement knob

Opening the box, I discover five pieces:  main front-face plate, back plate, belt clip, small snap-on replacement plug and knob.  The plates are lightweight and feel fairly strong.  I took the front-face plate in my hand and I was surprised at how sturdy it was, especially since it is between 1/16″ and 1/8″ thick.


The front and back plates are covered with a textured rubberized material.  This material adds to the sense of durability of the case.  The fact that the exterior is coated in a textured rubber provides a great amount of grip.  The case feels similar to a wet suit, which makes sense because  Body Glove prides itself in being the “Ultimate Watersports Brand.”

The rear plate has an hole near the center where you can insert the replacement plug if you want to carry the phone in your pocket or purse.  If you want to utilize the belt clip, you must insert the replacement knob in the rear plate.  I decided to pop-in the knob because I am not one who likes much in my pockets.


With that decision made, I placed the Storm in the rear plate and applied the front-face, snapping the halves together.  It was very easy, not require alot of pressure to secure the pieces together.

The case fits the Storm perfectly, like a glove – a joke off the manufacturer’s name.  All of the Blackberry options are easily available through cut-outs and recessed sections in the case.  The Storm’s buttons on the sides are especially accessible with the case allotting approximately 3/16″ space around each key.


The cut-outs on the back plate flawlessly allow for the camera lens, flash and speaker to serve their purposes.  I did find it  difficult to wipe clean the lens and flash from debris particles with the case applied but that is about it.


The case provides no protection to the actual touch pad of the Storm, so I would definitely recommend investing in a screen protector too.

The belt clip is probably the coolest feature of the Body Glove case.  I know you are probably thinking “how can a belt clip be cool?”  It clips to your belt/purse, it allows the phone to rotate and it easily accepts and releases the phone via the case’s knob.  Nothing spectacular, I know.  This clip meets all the normal requirements but the cool feature included is the kickstand.


The kickstand is a component of the belt clip, resides on the outer portion of the clip, furthest from the attached phone. and while the clip is attached to your belt/purse the kickstand is not accessible.


With the phone attached to the clip and the clip removed from the belt, you can utilize the kickstand to hold your phone on your desk/counter.  The stand has three catch-points, each provides users with a different angle.  Consider the fact of the three catch-points, the ability to swivel the phone 360-degrees on the clip and the Storm’s functionality to view the screen vertically and horizontally and the Body Glove snap-on case gives users six different view angles/positions.


The one negative I discovered regarding the belt clip is it comes off too easily.  Twice during my three week trial my phone was secured in the clip and the phone and clip just fell off my belt.   Once while picking up my little girl and another time while getting up from my office chair.  Lucky for me the case served its purpose in protecting my phone from harm.

Wrapping up, I was very impressed with the form, fit and function of the Body Glove snap-on case.  The textured rubber molding and the ability to easily access all of phone features are great.


The unique kickstand feature built-in to the clip accessory is what makes this gadget special.  It is just serves as a delighter, extending the use of your phone by propping it up on your desk or counter top.

The big negative I have with the case is the fact that it is too secure.  I had extreme difficulty removing my Storm from the case.  Once it snaps into place, it is on there and you are going to have to work to dislodge the phone.

All-in-all, I would strongly recommend the Body Glove snap-on case to protect your Blackberry Storm.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Body Glove
  • Rubberized textured coating
  • Perfectly fit the phone
  • Kickstand feature in the belt clip
  • Extremely difficult to remove phone from case
  • Belt clip not to strong

9 thoughts on “Glove Snap-On Case for the Blackberry Storm”

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  2. I bought the bodyglove case for my voyager phone and it has the same features except the kickstand and even though it is a rugged case after about 6 months the rubberized skin started to peel away from the plastic case and started to look bad. besides that the case is one of the better types out there for protecting phones with touch screens. It does make the phone a little more bulky but then it would protect it as good.

  3. The bodyglove case fits the BlackBerry Storm really nicely. But how do you get it off? It can’t stay on forever. Any suggestions???

  4. Heather,
    That was/is my biggest complaint with the product. It is too secure. I accidently dropped it one day and that opened a corner enough for me to get my phone out. It is definitely tough.
    I mentioned it in my review:
    “The big negative I have with the case is the fact that it is too secure. I had extreme difficulty removing my Storm from the case. Once it snaps into place, it is on there and you are going to have to work to dislodge the phone.”

  5. I was looking on here because I couldn’t get mine off, and there was some dirt underneath the screen protector that I wanted to clean out. They are on there pretty good, that’s for sure, but this is how to get it off:

    First get near a bed or couch or something, because when you do get it open, your phone WILL come flying out at a dangerous speed. It will need something soft to land on.

    Hold the phone between your palms with the plus and minus buttons facing away from you and at the top. Dig your index fingers into the opening where the plus and minus buttons are (the zoom in and out buttons on the side) and gently pry the top corner loose as hard as you can. All you are trying to do is get the top corner loose, then you can work your way around. Be sure not to twist either side or it will snap the little tabs off. Just pry.

    If you are a woman with nice fingernails, a classical guitarist, or a wicken, you might want to persuade someone else to do this for you. Because you will ruin your fingernails.

    Seriously though, when it does pop off, be near something soft. The phone will fly out.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Love the body glove. If you put it on, don’t plan on taking it off though. Storms love to have battery pulls, so do yourself a favor and install the free quickpull app. This allows you to do a hard reboot of your storm, same as a battery pull.

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