BlackBerry isn’t the first platform that I think of when it comes to smartphones. But in a world where it’s difficult for a smartphone to stand out from the crowd, the BlackBerry Passport is obviously different. But is it different good or different bad? Let’s find out. Note: Images can be clicked to view a… Read More

To be honest, I can’t remember the last BlackBerry device that I reviewed. It’s been many years ago and they’ve been off my radar until recently. The announcement of the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone caught my eye because of the phone’s good looks. But can this smartphone run with the iOS and Android big dogs, or… Read More

Just as the title says, the PowerSkin for BlackBerry Z10 is available now from PowerSkin.  The one-piece shockproof, anti-dust silicone skin protects your Z10, and it contains a 1500mAh rechargeable battery that gives your smart phone up to 60% more talk or standby time.  It weighs only 3 ounces and measures 5.39″ X 2.89″ X 0.79″… Read More

Looking like a cross between an Atari 800XL and a Blackberry 9900, this device was spotted over on forums. It seems a site called posted a bunch of pictures of this device, and nobody seems to know if this is a prototype, a one-off copy, or ( hopefully not, in my humble opinion… Read More

Whether it’s my mobile phone or tablet it seems I’m always looking for new ways to make text input easier and faster. I already own a slew of Bluetooth keyboards, different on-screen Android keyboards, voice input, and somewhere I have a weird stylus that feels like I’m writing with a Slim Jim. The folks at… Read More

In a few weeks, carriers will start rolling out RIM’s new Blackberry lineup which includes the Torch 9810, Bold 9900/9930, and the Torch 9850/9860.  All of these will come with a faster processor and runs the newer Blackberry 7 OS.  The star of the show would be the Bold 9900/9860 which is nicknamed the Bold… Read More

Sprint has announced two new BlackBerry smartphones: the BlackBerry Bold 9930 and BlackBerry Torch 9850. Both are  world phone capable and are powered by a 1.2GHz processor running the next-generation BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 7. Browsing on these phones is supposed to be 40 percent faster than BlackBerry 6 based smartphones and up to 100 percent… Read More

The first thing a gadget lover usually does after purchasing a new tablet is to protect it from scratches and bumps.  Recently I purchased the Blackberry Playbook.  It’s a sturdy 7 inch tablet that came with a neoprene sleeve in the box.  But I was looking for something a bit more heavy duty.  I needed… Read More

Gadget cases.  Most of them are variations on a few themes—hard plastic or soft silicone.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’ve had more than a few cases for my iPhone 3GS, and I love to try out new ones.  But here’s something a bit different.  Hard Graft crafts cases for your mobile devices that are simple… Read More

The beautiful, full-grain leather Jornal cases from Sena will protect your BlackBerry PlayBook in style.  The case looks a bit like a Moleskine notebook, complete with elastic closure – although the Jornal’s elastic has a leather sheath.  There’s a rigid protective layer and a velvet lining with light “protective layer” for extra protection.  Cutouts in… Read More

The Energizer Inductive Charger and the iPhone 4 Qi (pronounced chee) Sleeve is the newest wireless charging system promising to simplify your charging experience for your myriad rechargable devices. It uses the Qi standard for charging, which is a global standard for wireless charging systems. What this should mean is that as more devices ship… Read More

I saw in the recent email from Office Depot that they are taking pre-orders for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.  The PlayBook has a 1GHz processor, 7″ touchscreen, built-in WiFi, and dual cameras for HD video conferencing.  The PlayBook supports Adobe Flash and offers seamless BlackBerry integration.  It’s available in 16GB ($499.99), 32GB ($599.99), and 64GB… Read More

iZUP “eyes up” is an Android and BlackBerry app that prevent incoming and outgoing calls, text messages and emails while driving, while still allowing full access to 911 and a list of 3 authorized phone numbers. Incoming calls will be routed to voice mail and text messages will be held till you’ve stopped driving (there’s… Read More

Over the years, I have tried/reviewed many bluetooth headsets designed to free you from the hassle of having to hold your cellphone to your ear. Since they first came on the market, bluetooth headset technology, capabilities, and reliability have come a very long way. BlackBerry has recently introduced three new bluetooth headsets and a visor… Read More

How many times has this happened to you?  You are sitting behind a car at a light waiting for the car to go when the light turns green only to miss the light because the driver is distracted reading their email or texting?  Or, even worse, watching a car swerving in and out of lanes… Read More