iZUP – Would you pay for less distraction while driving?

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iZUP “eyes up” is an Android and BlackBerry app that prevent incoming and outgoing calls, text messages and emails while driving, while still allowing full access to 911 and a list of 3 authorized phone numbers. Incoming calls will be routed to voice mail and text messages will be held till you’ve stopped driving (there’s a time delay for stop lights and heavy traffic). Parents can set it up for their children’s phones and any attempt to tamper with the settings will send Mom or Dad an email. Interacting with applications on your phone is also blocked except for one designated app (ex: navigation software). The software works with the GPS in your phone, along with the iZUP servers to calculate your speed and other conditions to determine if you’re driving. iZUP will cost you $2.95 per month / $19.95 per year for a single user, or $5.95 per month / $59.95 per year for 3-5 phones.

6 thoughts on “iZUP – Would you pay for less distraction while driving?”

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  2. I guess this makes sense if you have severe ADD or if you’re just really easily distracted, but apart from that, how difficult is it to just put your phone in your pocket/purse/whatever and ignore it until you’re done driving? And as far as using this to curb kids’ use of the phone while driving, why treat the symptom and not the disease? Teach them to focus on driving when they’re behind the wheel, and you’ll be giving them a gift that will continue to serve them even after iZup goes under/you get tired of paying $3 a month/they switch to a phone that iZup doesn’t run on.

  3. If it were a simple app for a reasonable app-price it would stand a change.
    But at this price, I don’t think it’ll be a big success.

    Too expensive in my view.

    And indeed, I simply don’t pick up the phone when driving, or I ask the passenger next to me to answer it for me.
    Don’t need no app for that. 🙂

  4. To the contrary, I find this a positive solution to a very real problem with real consequences. Great idea, the price is right, esp. the multi-line discount.

    Show me a gadget that forms an umbrella over the car and jams mobile phone signals when the key is turned on, and I’ll show you a game changer.

  5. usually the only dumb question is the one not asked (DStaal) but got to say not this time. #1 if the app can be dissabled by the user for the sole purpose of sitting in the passager seat then why would ur smarter then you child have the app running to start with.

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