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The winter has arrived and temperatures are dropping across the northern hemisphere. For those of us that live in a cold climate and love our gadgets that means having to take off our gloves to use our touch screen devices, leaving our precious digits exposed to the elements, or does it? A company, by the… Read More

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Drobo S Storage Array Review

The team at Drobo asked The Gadgeteer to review their Drobo S, generation two, a five bay USB and/or Firewire storage enclosure.  For those unfamiliar with Drobo, the company came on the storage scene in the middle of 2007 with a focus on making storage simple.  I like to think of Drobo as the black-colored… Read More

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It seems there is a desk stand for every cell phone, tablet, and gadget on the market today.  Some are functional and inexpensive, while others are just good looks and costly.  The Gadgeteer was asked to review a new entry into the iPhone 4/4S desk stand market, the iKliK-The Multi-Angle Viewing Stand for iPhone 4and… Read More

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With the move to eSATA, many consumers are looking for a way to quickly and easily clone or move their content from their current SATA or IDE disk drive to a new eSATA drive, or they may be looking for a way to connect a new eSATA drive to a USB port for quick and… Read More

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The Gadgeteer was asked by the team at Buffalo Technology, makers of wireless networking, NAS, and all around good gadgets for the hi-tech home and business, to review one of their latest NAS products, the Buffalo TeraStation Pro Quad – TS-QVH8.0TL/R6.   The Buffalo TeraStation Pro Quad is positioned for storing and protecting the small and… Read More

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Once you have a home theater setup your mind starts to wander to the myriad of remote controls that you are now the proud owner-operator of.  You start to wonder how you are going to help your partner in life, your children, and your parents operate your shiny new entertainment system.  With remotes for your… Read More

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NASA is offering up a pretty cool way to help the crew of the International Space Station stay connected with the terrestrial bound inhabitants of good ole Mother Earth by sending an electronic postcard.  The free postcards will arrive at the orbiting International Space Station, according to the NASA website, “Your well wishes will be… Read More

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You are getting ready to travel to the deepest parts of space to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.  What is your ride of choice?  Unfortunately not the Starship Enterprise; we have to wait a few 100 years or so before that bad boy is… Read More

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Lately, I have been reviewing a variety of iPad and tablet desktop stands.  A few weeks ago I was asked to review the Stabile-Pro Desktop Tablet Stand from Thought Out, and I jumped at the chance as I had read about this new stand and wanted to take a look to see if it would… Read More

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LaCie LaPlug Product Review

Doesn’t everyone have a few USB Memory Sticks or a USB hard drive that they want to share their content with their family and friends?  Personally, I have a 500GB USB hard drive and a couple of 8GB Memory Sticks that I and my children constantly move from computer to computer to share content.  … Read More

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A few short hours ago the  frenzy of Black Friday began and shoppers looking for a great deal have started to flood the mall and other retail outlets.  There are deals on everything from  MacBook Airs and iPads to Blu-Ray players and more at Wal-Mart.  Many retailers are also now looking forward to Cyber Monday… Read More

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The crew of the International Space Station returned home after being relieved earlier this week.  The crew of Expedition 29, Commander Mike Fossum and Flight Engineers Satoshi Furukawa and Sergei Volkov, returned to Kazakhstan at 9:26pm EST aboard their Soyuz TMA-02M spacecraft.  After 165 days on the International Space Station and 167 days in orbit, the… Read More

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You may want to reconsider using your friend’s cell phone to make a call or send a text.  According to, 16% of all cell phones have poop on them.  And when you use a computer keyboard at the office or in the school’s computer lab you may want to bring a disinfecting wipe with… Read More

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You’ve trained for the better part of your life for your flight to outer space with countless simulations, time in a deep water tank designed to simulate the weightlessness of space, rode the “Vomit-Comet” through parabolic arcs, and are suited up and ready to go to the launchpad.  What is your ride of choice for… Read More

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  I am an avid Home Theatre PC gadgeteer with an Apple TV, Roku, Mac Mini, and a few Blu-Ray Players around the house to stream content to whatever screen I happen to be in front of.  I have always wanted a Boxee Box, mainly because I run Boxee on my Mac Mini,  and would… Read More

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