External hard drive

Other World Computing has added a new version of their Drive Dock to their product line. The new Drive Dock is Mac and PC compatible and features a USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface, two drive bays that can accept both 2.5″ and 3.5″ bare SATA drives up to 10TB and greater with high-performance read speeds… Read More

If you have used computers for any length of time, you have experienced it.  Your computer hard drive or your cellphone dies for one reason or another, and all your files are gone, including all those photos and videos you painstakingly organized into those little yellow folders.  In fact, if you are me, that has… Read More

The LaCie Sphere – designed, handcrafted, and silver plated by Cristofle’s workshop in France – is a 1TB USB 3.0 hard drive that is stunning as well as practical. It comes with a software suite that will allow you to set up automatic backups for your computer (PC and Mac) and ensure that your files… Read More

As our gadgets become increasingly mobile, we become more and more reliant on the cloud. In the past two years I myself have purchased a Chromebook and a laptop with limited storage, geared toward cloud utilization. As convenient as the cloud is, there are times when a more traditional storage solution is required. In my… Read More

I’m a bit of a computer parts junkie. When a thumb drive or hard drive goes on a great sale, I grab it if it’s my ideal price range. This leaves me with extra working parts around that I might not use right away.  Recently I swapped out an SATA hard drive for an SSD… Read More

Being an iPhone and iPad user over the past 4 years, the one thing that I have found is that I tend to run up against the file storage limitations of those devices. I especially find it an issue when trying to edit movies or music on the road. Mophie, a company we know at The… Read More

One of the shortcomings of my smartphone is the limited storage.  The Moto G I purchased has 8 GB and is not expandable, making it hard to carry around my media and files.  I’ve moved some music and photos to cloud storage that can be streamed, but then I’m liable to exceed my data plan… Read More

We told you about the BytePac hard drive enclosure system late last year.  With BytePac, you can use internal hard disk drives as external drives in the BytePac cardboard enclosures and the disk connection kit, or you can even archive a series of hard drives in the cardboard enclosures.  Now, BytePac wants to tell us… Read More

I reviewed a Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Ultra-Portable Drive and eSATA Upgrade Cable  a while ago (see related posts for a link to the review), and I’ve been using the drive since.  I replaced my Dell computer with a MacBook since that review, so I can no longer use the eSATA cable with the external disk. … Read More

The Gadgeteer was asked by the team at Buffalo Technology, makers of wireless networking, NAS, and all around good gadgets for the hi-tech home and business, to review one of their latest NAS products, the Buffalo TeraStation Pro Quad – TS-QVH8.0TL/R6.   The Buffalo TeraStation Pro Quad is positioned for storing and protecting the small and… Read More

When it comes to being able to duplicate hard drives efficiently StarTech has been on the cutting edge of that technology.  I was recently given the opportunity to review StarTech’s new 1:3 Standalone SATA/IDE Hard Drive Duplicator Dock.  This dock is perfect for anyone who has the need to duplicate one hard drive onto 3… Read More

With the my-Ditto from Dane-Elec, you’ll have access to your files from anywhere.  It’s flexible and powerful enough for personal or business use.  Simply connect the my-Ditto to the router, plug the provided key (looks like a USB flash drive) into a PC or Mac and wait while your files are backed up to the… Read More

BytePac, a company based in Germany, offers a new way to enclose and even archive hard disk drives.  Internal drives are cheaper than external drives, but you can’t use them unless they can fit into your computer or you have a some sort of case and connector.  The BytePac Kit comes with a SATA/USB connection… Read More

An Etsy store called 8BitMemory converts old NES games into external hard drives.  They use Toshiba 2.5″ drives for the conversion.  You can get a 500GB for $129.99, 750GB for $149.99, or a 1TB drive for $179.99.  These drives are fully USB-powered.  A Star Wars game is shown here, but many others are available.  You… Read More

You’ll never see a cooler external drive than this 1:18 scale model DeLorean Time Machine Hard Drive from Flash Rods.  This highly-detailed stainless steel replica of  the time machine in the Back to the Future movies conceals a hard drive inside.  The hood and gull-wing doors open, and it has the fusion reactor on the… Read More