Boxee Live TV Coming to a Boxee Box Near You


I am an avid Home Theatre PC gadgeteer with an Apple TV, Roku, Mac Mini, and a few Blu-Ray Players around the house to stream content to whatever screen I happen to be in front of.  I have always wanted a Boxee Box, mainly because I run Boxee on my Mac Mini,  and would love to have a dedicated Boxee instead.  One of the most requested features in the Home Theatre market is to watch live TV on your Home Theatre PC.  Last week there were several rumors on the net, recently confirmed by the Boxee CEO, that Boxee will be delivering this feature in 2012.  The Boxee team will make said feature a reality in January 2012 for those with the Boxee Box, by delivering the Boxee Live TV dongle for $49.   It will enable North American viewers to watch over-the-air HD content from their local HD providers with the attachment of a HD antenna and the viewers ability to receive local HD signals.  For more information check out the Boxee CEO’s Blog entitled “Time to Cut the Cord”.

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