iPad 2 stand

Lately, I have been reviewing a variety of iPad and tablet desktop stands.  A few weeks ago I was asked to review the Stabile-Pro Desktop Tablet Stand from Thought Out, and I jumped at the chance as I had read about this new stand and wanted to take a look to see if it would… Read More

Although the picture seems to show an original iPad, the Belkin ViewLounge stand works with iPad 2.  The base is a weighted beanbag that will mold to any surface, so your device stays stable.  And the grippable texture helps hold your iPad on any surface.  The stand accommodates the iPad 2 with or without a… Read More

We’ve reviewed a few cases for iPad and iPad 2 here at The Gadgeteer.  We’ve also reviewed a few headrest mounts for the iPads.  The problem has been that you have to remove the cover to fit the iPad into the headrest mount. Snugg offers a Headrest Mount Holder that is designed to be used… Read More

There isn’t a lot of information available yet, but Macally will be releasing a product for iPad 2 that can be used as a tabletop stand or as an under-counter mount.  It appears the Magstand2 will make use of the iPad 2’s internal magnets (that hold the Smart Cover in place) to securely hold the… Read More

There are a lot of stands for iPad and iPad 2 that can give your device that iMac look.  The Stabile Stand from Thought Out stands out from the crowd because it is 4 pounds of American steel.  It has a low center of gravity that makes the Stabile stand very …  stable.  It has… Read More