Snugg iPad 2 Case Cover and Flip Stand and Car Headrest Mount Holder Review

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We’ve reviewed a few cases for iPad and iPad 2 here at The Gadgeteer.  We’ve also reviewed a few headrest mounts for the iPads.  The problem has been that you have to remove the cover to fit the iPad into the headrest mount. Snugg offers a Headrest Mount Holder that is designed to be used with their iPad 2 Case Cover and Flip Stand.  Let’s give them a closer look.

iPad 2 Case Cover and Flip Stand
This book-style cover for the iPad 2 is made of black polyurethane faux leather with white contrast stitching.  The front and back are stiffened for extra protection for the iPad 2 and for better support when used as a stand.  The interior of the cover is lined with a black velvety fabric to prevent scratches to the iPad 2’s body.

The iPad 2 is held in the case in a frame made of the faux leather.  Cutouts leave the front-facing camera and the home button accessible.  You slide the iPad 2 into the frame from the left side, then secure it with a wide Velcro strap.  There’s no way the iPad 2 can fall out of this case.

The case is 9.5” long X 7.5” wide X 0.75” thick.  It weighs 9.4 ounces on my digital scale.  It does add considerable bulk to the svelte iPad 2.

The front of the case bears the Snugg name – the only branding on this case.  There’s also a crease near the spine that allows the front cover to fold into a stand.  The back has a cutout for the back camera and three holes for the speaker.  There’s a flap sewn onto the back that anchors the front cover when it’s folded back to form the stand.

The inside of the front cover has an elastic hand strap.  Slide your hand under this strap to secure your grip while you’re holding or carrying your iPad 2.

Two magnets inside the front cover and two on the right side of the frame hold the front cover closed.  There’s also a magnet that triggers the iPad 2’s automatic wake/sleep function.  I like this function, and I’m glad the Snugg cover allows me to use it.

The sides of the case are cut to allow access to the buttons and connectors.  The stiff back of the case extends a bit beyond the edges of the iPad 2, and this, combined with the frame on the front of the iPad 2, makes it a bit difficult to use the controls.  I was afraid the sound would be completely muffled in this cover, but that’s not the case.  It seems that the hard back bounces the sound toward the front.

Other than the tight access to the controls, the Snugg cover works well as a book-style case.  I did notice that the frame covers the bezel and comes right up to the edge of the touchscreen area.  That might make it difficult to tap at the extreme edges of the touchscreen; it may also interfere when you’re trying to move icons from one screen to another.

The Snugg cover works very well as a stand for the iPad 2.  When you flip the front cover back and secure it under the flap on the back, it forms a very stable triangular stand.  You’ll be able to support the iPad 2 in the horizontal position for watching movies, FaceTime calls, or for when you’re using a Bluetooth keyboard.  Lay it down, and the Snugg supports the iPad 2 at a good angle for typing on the horizontal on-screen keyboard.

The Snugg iPad 2 Case Cover and Flip Stand is a sturdy book-style cover with some nice features.  The hand strap helps secure your grip, and the case works as a stable horizontal or typing stand.  The front and back covers are protective, but their stiffness, combined with the thin profile, make access to the controls a bit difficult.  It can be purchased at Amazon for $29.99.

Snugg iPad 2 Car Headrest Mount Holder
If you want to mount your iPad 2 in your car, you can purchase the iPad 2 Car Headrest Mount Holder.  It is also made with the black polyurethane faux leather with white contrast stitching.  It has a series of elastic bands that slide down over the headrest and two more straps that wrap around the headrest and buckle in place.  This is the only headrest mount I’ve tried that doesn’t require you to remove the headrest or need to be disassembled and reassembled around the headrest support.

You don’t need to remove the iPad 2 from its case to use it with the headrest mount.  You simply slide the front cover under an elastic band on the front of the holder.  Two small, U-shaped plastic clips at the bottom of the headrest mount  grip the front cover and hold it in place.

The iPad 2 is held directly in front of the backseat passenger.  The iPad cannot be tilted or angled to adjust the view for the passenger, nor can it be moved between the seats so multiple passengers can use it.  It can be easily removed when not in use.  It doesn’t have any stiff arms that intrude into the passenger space.

The iPad 2 Car Headrest Mount Holder is easy to install and easy to remove.  Unlike many car-mounting systems, the iPad 2 doesn’t have to be case-less to fit.  It was designed to work with the Snugg cover.  It doesn’t allow you to adjust the angle for ease of viewing, though.  It can be purchased at Amazon for $25.99.


Product Information

Price:$29.99 for cover; $25.99 for headrest mount
  • iPad 2
  • Protective case
  • Stable stand for typing or watching movies
  • Headrest mount is easy to install and works with the case
  • iPad 2 controls are difficult to access

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  2. I’ve been looking for a case that offers a flip stand for an iPad 2. I realize that it adds bulk, however it is very handy to make the table more comfortable to type on. The option for having the headrest mount would be more appealing if Amazon offered a bundle package price.

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