NANOTIPS is a liquid polyamide solution that you can use on your favorite gloves to turn them into touchscreen compatible gloves. Simply brush the liquid on the finger tips, allow to dry and then use. Yes, I know winter is over for the majority of us in the US, but most people own multiple pairs of high… Read More

I must admit that I love to use a stylus when I am using my iPhone, iPad or even my iPod Touch. The problem I usually have when I want to use a stylus is that I can never find one when I need one. I have several but they are just not around when… Read More

The first official day of Winter is still more than a week away, but sub 30 degree temps are already here in Southern Indiana. When it gets colder than 50 degrees, this gadgeteer breaks out her gloves to combat cold hands. I have a lot of different pairs of gloves in all sorts of colors and… Read More

The weather is turning colder, so it’s time to dig out your mittens and gloves for that morning commute into work. While they keep your fingers toasty, normal gloves don’t allow you to use your phone or tablet while you’re wearing them. Over the last few years, we’ve seen several companies offering knit gloves with… Read More

I don’t know how the weather is in your part of the world right now, but here in southern Indiana, we’re already having some sub 30 degree mornings.  That means glove weather for me. Regular gloves and smartphones with capacitive displays don’t get along well together. I’ve reviewed a couple different capacitive friendly gloves in… Read More

Winters here in Southern Indiana can be pretty brutal. Not this year though. Heck, it was 70 degrees on the last day of February. But in general, temps get well below freezing, which means I have to dig out a pair of gloves every morning for my drive to work. Gloves plus a touchscreen phone can equal… Read More

The winter has arrived and temperatures are dropping across the northern hemisphere. For those of us that live in a cold climate and love our gadgets that means having to take off our gloves to use our touch screen devices, leaving our precious digits exposed to the elements, or does it? A company, by the… Read More

The stylus is making a comeback in a big way this year. We’ve reviewed quite a few here on The Gadgeteer (see the list of related posts below for just a few of them…). I’m still trying to find the BEST stylus out there and I’m thinking that the XStylus Touch might be it. I… Read More

These Etip Gloves from The North Face have Xstatic conductive fingercaps on the thumbs and index fingers so you’ll be able to answer your iPhone or use your capacitive-screen electronics without having to take off your gloves.  There’s a grid of silicone dots on the palm, thumb, index, and middle fingers to improve your grip on… Read More

If you are still searching for the perfect capacitive stylus for your iPad or other touch screen device, I have another one for you to consider. It’s the Candy Pen iPad Stylus from Hard Candy Cases. This stylus has a chromed finish with two caps that reveal a capacitive stylus on one end and a… Read More

I often complain (some will say whine) about the fact that I can’t control my capacitive touch screened smartphone in the Winter months, when I’m wearing gloves. As we know, capacitive touch screens will only work when we touch the screen with our fingers. That’s because the human body has a natural bioelectricity in our… Read More