XStylus Touch – Best Capacitive Stylus Design Yet?

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The stylus is making a comeback in a big way this year. We’ve reviewed quite a few here on The Gadgeteer (see the list of related posts below for just a few of them…). I’m still trying to find the BEST stylus out there and I’m thinking that the XStylus Touch might be it. I can’t be sure till I get my hands on one, but it looks pretty cool from the demonstration videos I’ve seen so far. The only problem is that the XStylus Touch isn’t yet available for sale. It’s part of a crowd funding project at IndieGoGo (similar to Kickstarter) that has 29 days to go. This capacitive stylus is weighted and can attach magnetically to your iPad when it isn’t be used. I’ve never given my money to a crowd funding project before, but I think I’m going to take a chance on this one… What is your favorite capacitive stylus?

Update: I just contributed $25 to this project. It’s the first crowd funding project that I’ve participated in. If the project doesn’t get all the funding needed, my contribution will be refunded.

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  2. I design clutch bags and bridal accessories and I do most of my designs on my iPad. As one of the few people who tried the XStylus Touch, I must say that I love how responsive it is. It’s very close to sketching with a pen or pencil, but on the iPad.

  3. Beware – this is IndieGoGo, NOT Kickstarter – while the XStylus people say they will give your money back if they don’t meet their goal, they are under no obligation to do so.

    Kickstarter doesn’t take the donation payments until the end of the campaign; I don’t know what IndieGoGo does with direct credit card payments, but if you paid via PayPal, your money has already gone to the campaign starter, and unlike Kickstarter, IndieGoGo doesn’t require users to meet their funding goals before collecting payment and handing the funds over them. They just hand over whatever’s been received at the end of the campaign.

  4. @Ken Thank you for your support. The tip may look big on the photo, but it is just 7mm diameter. We have done so many tests and tried so many different tip designs, the result is anything smaller than 7mm will give you the illusion that the stylus will let you write more accurate but the truth is it is not smooth at all when you draw or write. Please check out the responsiveness comparison video, Bamboo vs. 3M vs. XStylus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vClMkNM2x7o

    @Shel Thank you for bringing up the refund issue. Although there’s no obligation for me to refund the money if the project doesn’t get fully funded, I have my reputation at stake here, so I will keep my promise. On the topic of Kickstarter, it is not unusual to see Kickstarter project owner failed to deliver what has promised (good example: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1168713538/the-magnetic-snapstylus-for-ipad/comments) So you see, the platform can only do so much for the buyers, the rest is about the credibility of the project owner. The XStylus Touch is my second crowdsourcing project on IndieGoGo, and the product of my first project, XStylus Crayon for Nintendo 3DS has just been shipped last Saturday. Funders around the world are starting to receive their copies. A few good feedbacks have already posted on the project homepage and our facebook page as well. I know it’s hard to “trust” strangers on the Internet, but sometimes, trust goes a long way, especially the thing you are supporting is brand new, innovative, and something you can’t get from a big store (at least for now). 🙂 You will be welcome to join our project.

  5. the tip looks worrying as it could possibly damage your touch screen, have experienced it with other styluses. also, the sharp edge could scratch the screen/screen protector… otherwise it looks okay.

  6. @Anonymous the XStylus Touch crowdfunding project has ended, you can now place your order through our official website, greenbulb.com. Due to the large amount of pre orders of XStylus Touch that needed to be fulfilled, new order will be sent out at the end of May 2012.

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