We travel to Florida once a year and our favorite activity when we’re there is to relax on the beach under an umbrella. When we need a break from all that relaxing, we like to walk along the surf soaking up the sun and looking for shells. Sounds perfect right? It is except that I’m… Read More

You’d never know it with this heat wave we’re having in the south this week, but it’s autumn now and time for sitting around a campfire or the fire pit in the backyard.  You’ll be able to roast hot dogs or marshmallows without having to hunt for the perfect stick, and without worrying about splinters… Read More

Every year when Jeanne and I go to Florida for vacation, we talk about taking along one of our metal detectors to hunt the beaches for “treasure”. So far we’ve never actually taken one with us because we’d have to dismantle it to put in our luggage. That wouldn’t be a huge hardship, but we’ve… Read More

When the opportunity to review the iBobber from ReelSonar was presented, I took the bait. I was excited to try a fishing bobber made for the 21st century that was also a fish finder, a waterbed mapper, GPS tagger & trip logger, and weather station.  We already had a fishing trip planned so it was… Read More

Casual and not so casual runners and hikers don’t have to let bad weather keep them indoors. Kahtoola MICROspikes and NANOspikes will have you running and hiking like a mountain goat with no fear of slips and skids. MICROspikes have been designed for hiking boots and feature a low profile elastomer harness that should be… Read More

The Life-Saved Sunblock Umbrella could save your life. The Life-Saved Sunblock Umbrella features a new coating technology and a sunblock surface to shield you from rain and sun. In an emergency, though, you can use the umbrella handle as a hammer to break a car window and as a seat-belt cutter to help you get… Read More

We recently told you about the Stanley Mountain Vacuum Coffee System that lets you make fresh coffee while camping or hiking.  Today we have the Stanley Adventure Two Pot Prep and Cook Set that contains all the cookware you’ll need at your campsite.  The Set contains a folding cutting board, two 20oz bowls with lids, one melt-resistant nylon… Read More

If you like to enjoy a nice glass of wine in the great outdoors, but feel very unsophisticated using plastic cups or mugs, Parqer wine glasses have been designed especially for you. What are they? They are long-stemmed wine glasses made of glass – duh! But the reason why they are unique is that they… Read More

If you camp or work outdoors, you may find yourself without a cup of coffee when you really want one.  With this compact kit, you’ll be able to have coffee whenever you have a fire or a camp stove to heat some water.  The Stanley Mountain Vacuum Coffee System packs up to look like a… Read More

In the worlds of rucking, backpacking, hiking and travel, there is an axiom: “Ounces become pounds.” This is loosely translated as, “Even small, lightweight items can add up to a lot of extra weight when walking around carrying that weight for miles.”  That’s one reason why absorbent microfiber towels have become popular among folks who participate in… Read More

Earlier this year, we told you about the Know Your Knots Bandana with 16 of the most useful outdoor, sailing, climbing and survival knots with instructions printed on it.  Now, Colter Co. is introducing a new bandana:  the Fly Fishing Knots Bandana.  Of course, you can use it for all the useful functions normally performed by a… Read More

The Ticked Off plastic spoon may remind you of the sporks KFC used to use, but don’t use this to eat with!  This little tool is the easy way to remove ticks that have bitten a human or an animal.  You just place the slot near the tick and slide the implement forward.  It will… Read More

If you camp, hike, or enjoy other outdoor activities, you’ll need fresh, safe drinking water, but carrying along enough for your outing can be difficult.  You don’t want to risk drinking water from streams and ponds, because you don’t know if it’s safe.  With the Squeeze Water Filter System, you can have all the drinking… Read More

It’s that time of the year that everyone dreads here in the South – mosquito season.  The joke is that the mosquito is the state bird, but it’s no joke when you can’t even enjoy your outdoor spaces because it seems you and everyone with you are the main course at the mosquitoes’ banquet.  Set… Read More

Nothing disturbs a relaxing nap in the hammock under the shade tree like a swarm of mosquitos or other biting insects.  The Mosquito Thwarting Hammock keeps the pests at bay because it’s covered by a 4-sided canopy made of super-fine nylon netting; it unzips on two sides for easy entry.  The roof of 180g polyester… Read More