As I slowly add parts to automate my home, I’m always interested in the gadgets that are being released to make life easier or just cooler. The Wemo Dimmer is one of those devices that just makes sense. The dimmer arrived in, okay, I’m man enough to admit, sexy packaging. Outside, the box is your… Read More

I’m in the process of slowly automating my home, so when the opportunity to review the Koogeek SK1 Smart Socket, I jumped at the opportunity. I anticipated turning light on and off from afar, and dimming them to suit a particular mood… I get ahead of myself.  The Koogeek socket arrived in a sturdy box… Read More

What do birthday candles, scented candles, candles for binding spells and incense sticks all have in common? They all need something to light them. If you’re anything like me, when it comes time to light a candle, it’s a chore to find a box of matches or a lighter that still works. The ArcLighter is… Read More

I absolutely love all forms of light, whether it be enjoying natural I absolutely love all forms of light, whether it be enjoying natural sunlight, or lighting in the home. Since I already have the Philips Hue bulb system, I was attracted to the idea of reviewing another Bluetooth controlled lighting system.  Meet Elgato’s Avea… Read More

We’ve all seen LED bulbs that can be controlled with a mobile app. But LuDela is the first mobile phone controlled wireless smart candle. Yes, it’s a real candle with a real flame and not a LED that just looks like a flame. And yes, you can really control it with a smartphone. LuDela consists… Read More

Have you seen the acronym IoT? It stands for Internet of Things and according to Google it means: a proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data. Someone at google needs to update their definitions because this isn’t something we’ll have in the future. It’s… Read More

Have you ever been sitting in your office, or maybe your basement with no windows and felt claustrophobic or cramped? Well, when all the frustration from the day has you holding your head in your hands and you’re at your wits end…look up!  Designed to reduce the harsh glare from existing fluorescent lighting, these amazingly… Read More

You don’t have to settle for a boring nightlight in your kid’s room.  Use a beautiful rainbow to chase away the shadows instead!  The Uncle Milton Rainbow in My Room device shines a rainbow of colors across the ceiling and walls of a bedroom or any other room that could use a bit of color… Read More

If you’ve been thinking about swapping out all the light bulbs in your home with bulbs that can be controlled with your smartphone, I have an alternative product that you might want to consider. Switchmate, an Indiegogo crowdfunding project, is a switch that fits over your existing light switch plates by using magnets to snap onto the… Read More

I am the quintessential handyman…always building, repairing, and/or tearing out something. I started my first home improvement project nearly 25 years ago. Back in the day, there were limited battery operated tools and work typically involved dragging electrical cords everywhere you went. As battery technology improves and becomes much more cost effective, we find it powering devices/tools… Read More

Ever since my granddaughter visited Disney World, she’s been asking when I was going to put “Fairy Lights”  in the trees around the house.  I’ve been able to deflect, usually with the promise of ice cream, but now I can answer her request using the Night Stars light.  Although my initial thoughts were “who needs… Read More

The BlueBulb Bluetooth Bulb is a Bluetooth enabled LED light bulb which is currently seeking financial backing through the crowdfunding site FundAnything. They’ve already met their goal of $20,000 with over 50 days left in the project. Let’s see if it’s worth your pledges. Note: Images can be clicked to view a larger size. Technical… Read More

If you read Bill’s recent review of the mrBEAMS ReadyBright Home Power Outage System and thought it was a great idea but you’d like a portable light, too, you might want to check out the ReadyBright Lantern.  (This is an IndieGoGo project currently seeking funding.)  The ReadyBright Lantern is an add-on to the mrBeams system, and… Read More

You’ve got your popcorn and drinks, you’ve got your movie lined up, you plonk into your sofa ….. and you’ve forgotten to turn the lights off. Well the Bluetooth Bulb will save you having to get up off the sofa to remedy this. The bulb uses low-power LED technology and replaces standard bulbs. You download an… Read More

The SaberTooth Ultraportable LED Utility Light from Bask Blade looks like a small fluorescent light bulb, but it’s a portable LED light with a rechargeable battery inside.  It has a durable, shatterproof casing, and it’s weather resistant.  At 8.3″ X 1.2″ and weighing 4.8 ounces, it’s small enough to fit in a backpack, bag, or… Read More

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