Bio-Orb turns on the lights with the power of bioluminescence

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NEWS – Electricity is overrated. Way before electricity was harnessed, nature figured out how to light up via bioluminescence. Bioluminescence (illumination) results from a light-producing chemical reaction called chemiluminescence, a natural defense mechanism of many marine creatures.

The folks at IFLScience recently published an offer from stacksocial for the Bio-Orb – a bioluminescence bulb filled with PyroDinos (dinoflagellates).  From their website:

The Bio-Orb will produce natural light (bioluminescence) at night when gently swirled. It looks even better when it sits on this beautiful metal octopus stand. The Bio-Orb shipment should be opened upon arrival, and the PyroDinos (living algae) should be put in a location that receives low to moderate light during daytime hours.

Interested in a little natural light?  You can read more about it on IFLScience and purchase it from stackcocial for $44.99.

4 thoughts on “Bio-Orb turns on the lights with the power of bioluminescence”

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  2. Quite useless as a reading light if you have to keep swirling it to get any light out of it.
    Perhaps it’s a cool, useless you to amuse kids or guests, but at that price, not knowing how long it’ll last… it’s not going to be a hot product 🤪

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