This multi-tool deploys pliers with a flick of your wrist!

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NEWS – I don’t know about you, but one of the main uses for my multi-tools is the pliers. The Gerber Center Drive is the first multi-tool that I’ve come across that doesn’t require that you unfold the handles to reveal the pliers. Nope, the Gerber Center Drive’s needle-nose pliers slide out with a flick of your wrist or thumb. How cool is that? The handles are spring-loaded which is another big plus. But wait, there’s more. A lot more. This heavy duty multi-tool also features a 3.25 inch fine edged blade, a serrated blade, a file, a pry tool with a bottle opener, an awl, and a bit driver that accepts standard .25 inch bits. The driver can hold one bit for immediate use and another bit in the handle. The Center Drive gets its name from the fact that the bit driver is oriented from the center of the handle to make it much easier / ergonomic to use. You can get one with a 12 pc bit set or a Gerber Center Drive Plus that includes scissors from or Amazon for $114.99 – $129.99.

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9 thoughts on “This multi-tool deploys pliers with a flick of your wrist!”

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  2. While the Gerber Center Drive is an interesting multitool, it has very few tools beyond the knife, pliers and driver. I own both the Center Drive and the Center Drive Plus. The Plus adds scissors and its knife has a combo straight and Serrated edge. A word of caution about the Rotatable Carbide Wire Cutters & Strippers – they cannot cut anything slightly hard or they will break. Gerber needs to look at other materials instead of carbide here.

    If you look at some of the Leatherman FREE multitools, including the P4 and P2 – they allow the user to “fling” open the pliers with one hand as well. Plus, they have more tools. The main benefit of the Gerber Center Drive is the drive/screwdriver. That said, you can now a a ratcheting driver extension to many Leatherman multitools and get an even better driver experience. Basically, I am a tool nut and collect most of the coolest multitools and EDC tools as well.

        1. Leather man is also has better support in SA regarding problems or breakages although I have now heard the “free” replacement thing is going to cease and will now be paid for by the customer. I have both brands and just say the Gerber is more ergonomically comfortable and practical. I have had both brands break on me, Leatherman replaced up until now without a worry, Gerber have no idea even where to send the tool for repair which carries a lifetime guarantee. Gerber needs to come to the forefront of customer care if it wants to compete

  3. i bought a leatherman pst shortly after they came out…80s?
    love and use the original to this day…not every day but often

    in the early 90s gerber brought out the first version of this tool…the “multiplier”
    i picked it up for around five bucks (clearance) and have never liked it
    it is a palm-pinching menace of a tool and gerber’s files were woefully inadequate
    my son, however, uses several versions as an actual tool and loves the deployment scheme…gerber has repaired or replaced his broken tools with no questions

        1. No worries- most iterations of this design have been pretty unpopular, since they have a reputation for pinching the palm of your hand pretty badly. I guess that’s the trade-off for easy one-handed deployment!
          I’ve never had an issue with my original set, but later ones that had a plastic insert around the pliers release buttons tended to just randomly fall apart. I honestly don’t know how Gerber quality is now, but there was definitely a period where their multi tools were absolute garbage.

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