The Surge Emergency Bulb stays on when your power goes out!

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NEWS – Power outages always catch me off-guard. So, when I saw the Surge Emergency Bulb, it piqued my interest as being something quite useful.

surge emergency bulb 02This LED bulb fits into existing light sockets and contains a lithium battery that charges automatically when in use. When a power outage occurs, the light comes on automatically so you don’t have to try and find flashlights or candles in the dark.

Additionally, the Surge bulb is portable and comes with a hook that you can hang in areas where you need lighting. This would come in handy while camping as well as during power outages. The bulb works for six hours when its battery is fully charged and each bulb has a life of 25,000 hours. Unfortunately, the Surge website doesn’t contain any information about the wattage of the bulb, the amount of light it produces, or the temperature of the light; and since I don’t have one, I can’t provide that information either. But it still looks like a handy device to have.

A single Surge Emergency Bulb sells for $29.99 plus shipping, but you can get three for $59.98 (free U.S. shipping), five for $89.97 (free U.S. shipping), or eight for $119.96 (free U.S. shipping) from

4 thoughts on “The Surge Emergency Bulb stays on when your power goes out!”

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    1. Jason and JJ – this is what the Surge FAQ webpage states:

      “…Surge automatically detects the outage and turns itself on, as long as the light switch is on.”

      That’s all I could find on the Surge website about your question.

      My husband found a YouTube video about another emergency light bulb where the YouTuber takes it apart and explains how it works (I don’t understand it and it’s a lengthy explanation). If your interested in the explanation, see the link below:

      1. The bulb outputs a small DC voltage – if the power is out and the switch is on, the circuit completes and the light bulb knows.

        I wonder if the wiring is sloppy in a home, or a light fixture, if multiple bulbs on the same switch would interfere and not turn off.

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