Set the mood without a flame using the ArcLighter

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What do birthday candles, scented candles, candles for binding spells and incense sticks all have in common? They all need something to light them. If you’re anything like me, when it comes time to light a candle, it’s a chore to find a box of matches or a lighter that still works. The ArcLighter is an elegant alternative to matches and traditional lighters because it doesn’t require lighter fluid and it doesn’t even use a flame.

The ArcLighter features a rechargeable battery and a slide out zinc alloy and ceramic tip that generates a high-intensity electric 2012° F arc that lights candles instantly.

The ArcLighter can light up to 90 times per charge and recharges via micro USB or an optional charging dock.

You can ready more about the ArcLighter at and buy one for $39.99 at Amazon.

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