GoGonova Rechargeable Work Light with Stand review

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GoGonova Worklight 01

REVIEW –  I was looking for a new general-purpose work light so when GoGonova offered their Rechargeable Work Light with Stand to review I decided to give it a try. Let’s see if the GoGonova Rechargeable Work Light with Stand can shed some light on my projects.

What is it?

The GoGonova Rechargeable Work Light has triple LED lights to light your work area. Each LED is fully adjustable and can raise 180 degrees and spin 270 degrees. It comes with a detachable tripod that can extend from 26 to 67 inches with the LEDs fully raised. You can choose between three power levels (700, 1200, 2200 lumens) and two color options which are a warmer 4000k and a brighter 6500k.

What’s in the box?

  • GoGonova Rechargeable Work Light
  • Carry bag
  • 67 inch Tripod (53.5in actual length) with ¼” screw
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual

GoGonova Worklight 02

Hardware specs

  • Model: GL34002-DW-NA
  • Battery: 8,000 mAh Large Capacity Battery, USB-C Charging
  • Duration: 17 hrs on low, 4.5 hrs on high
  • Lumens: 700/1200/2200
  • Illumination: 4000/6500K
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs
  • Dimensions: 3.15 x 3.15 x 26.18 inches closed, extends to 67 in high

Design and features

The GoGonova Rechargeable Work Light with Stand has a nice compact design. My favorite features are the magnetic base and hook. It is easily detachable from the standard ¼ in tripod connector so you can use the tripod for other activities such as mounting a camera. There are only two buttons on the front of the light, there is a hook and strong magnets on the base to add attachment options.

The tripod is nice and sturdy and made out of aluminum. The legs lock in place when folded and you just push the button on the bottom to open them. They do not lock in place when open but they stayed in place just fine. 

The two extending poles slide smoothly and the tightening collars are made of aluminum as well and screw down tightly to secure the extensions in place. Fully extended, the tripod alone is 53.5 inches. With the light attached and the LEDs flipped fully up the total height is 67 inches.

Each of the three LEDs can rotate 180 degrees to a straight up position and then they can be turned 270 degrees to get the spread you want. 


The GoGonova Rechargeable Work Light only has two buttons. Pressing the power button turns the light on and then subsequent presses will rotate through the brightness settings of low, medium, and high which produce 700, 1200, and 2200 lumens. Pressing the color button rotates between the warmer 4000k and a brighter 6500k.

The light threads onto the tripod very easily and makes positioning the light where you need it a breeze.  The hook comes in handy and along with the magnetic base, it’s easy to rotate the three lights where you need them. 

On low the battery lasts 17 hours and thankfully is charged via USB-C. While charging the four LEDs below the power button blinks showing the current charge level.  The included carry bag was easy to fit everything into and you can leave the light attached to the tripod which is convenient.

What I like

  • Great adjustable light coverage
  • Strong magnet

What I’d change

  • Offer just the light without the stand

GoGonova Worklight 32

Final thoughts

The GoGonova Rechargeable Work Light with Stand will definitely be my new go-to work light for projects. With the adjustable brightness and color, I can also use the GoGonova Rechargeable Work Light with Stand for taking better lighted pictures of gadgets that I review. With the detachable light, I’ll be using it in the summer as well for camping so at $119.99 this is a great work light that has multiple uses. If they offered just the light without a stand I would definitely get a few more for the house and car. Well done GoGonova!

Price: $129.99
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by GoGonova.

6 thoughts on “GoGonova Rechargeable Work Light with Stand review”

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  2. This light is available from Costco at less than half the price… No one should be buying it for $120. If this person reviewed technology like this professionally, that should be his number one comment.

    1. Greetings Mike,
      You’re assuming everyone shops at Costco. I do not have a Costco membership but if you post the link to the work light you are referencing then those that do can check it out.

    2. Yes..I got the Feit version for $39.99 at Costco after $10 discount. For a difference of 4ah and $80, I would say take.the money and get a Costco membership and the light there.

  3. I have compared this work light of Costco and GoGonova, and found that there is a big different of them. This $129.99 GoGonova work light is 67in and battery capacity is 8Ah, but the Costco light is 51in and 4Ah. The run time of it is 2h on the high setting lumen, 9h on the low setting, but the Gogonova work light can work for 4.5h on the high setting and 17h on low. Besides, the poles of GoGonova work light, and even the tightening collars are made of aluminum, but the collars of costco light is plastic, which is not durable enough. I like the GoGonova more.

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