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We’re in the middle of remodeling the exterior of our house. It had wood painted wood siding and it’s currently (I can hear the contractors hammering right now…) getting vinyl siding. As luck would have it, a few weeks ago SANSI contacting me to ask if I might like to review their 30W LED Security Motion… Read More

I love products that are simply designed, simply packaged, and easily installed. Products from SnapPower tick all three of those boxes. Three years ago I reviewed their GuideLights outlet covers plates which I still use today and today I’m going to show you their newer SwitchLight covers. What is it? The SnapPower SwitchLight is a cover… Read More

In recent years, there’s been a lot of discussion about how the blue light from the screens of mobile devices could be negatively impacting sleep patterns.  Humans evolved having bright, bluish-white light from the sun during part of the day.  The only light they had at night was either from the stars and moon or… Read More

Before I got married, I found some pieces of neon light tubes and a power supply at a local “junk” shop, and I assembled them into a really beautiful, abstract art piece for my living room.  When I got married, I realized this huge light sculpture above my fireplace didn’t exactly mesh with our new furniture… Read More

If you’re lucky enough to have a personal outdoor area to enjoy warm weather, check out this lighted umbrella for your patio table.  The ATLeisure 9′ Easy Light Touch Solar Umbrella with 44 LEDs will fit in the umbrella holder made into most patio tables, or you can use it without a table if you purchase a… Read More

This Blue Rely-A-Light Lamp looks too pretty to be emergency lighting, but it is.  It functions as a normal reading lamp, but it has the added bonus of a USB charging port built into the base.  When you lose power, the lamp has bright LED emergency lights that switch on automatically and can stay on for up… Read More

IKEA just announced they will be introducing a new line of bedside tables, lamps, and desks with Qi chargers built-in.  The wireless charging furnishings will be available in Europe and North America beginning this April, with global availability soon after.  You can read the entire press release at PRNewswire.  Check the IKEA website for availability information… Read More

I have several Philips Hue bulbs in my house that started with a Christmas gift last year and has grown over the year since then.  I love the ability to change the mood of my room by varying the intensity and the color of the lights, but it is an expensive setup.  The starter hub… Read More

Kuna isn’t just a lighting fixture, of course.  This outdoor fixture also has a WiFi camera and intercom system built in.  You connect the Kuna fixture to an app on your Android or Apple phone, and Kuna can send you alerts whenever someone is at your door.  You can customize the app to notify you… Read More

Now you don’t even have to bother entering your passcode on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 8 to control your Phillips Hue connected lights.  When you update to the latest version of the Phillips Hue app, you’ll have access to the Hue widget for the Notification Center.  To add it, just swipe down to… Read More

If normal switch plate covers are too mundane for you, try these Toggle Switch Plates from UncommonGoods for a little Rube Goldberg steampunk style.  They are designed by father and son Lance and L J Nybye.  The plates are made with brass hardware and laser-engraved plywood.  You can attach them over your existing standard switch plates… Read More

My mission is to automate the lighting in my house.  I don’t have to have every light connected to the internet, but I would like to have WiFi-connected and controllable bulbs in certain rooms in my house.  I got the Hue Starter Kit for Christmas last winter, and I use them in my living room… Read More

There’s nothing world-changing about the Harbor Breeze Brushed Nickel and White Pull Chain set, but it will make it plainly obvious to everyone in your family and to visitors which chain turns on the light attached to the ceiling fan and which adjusts the fan speed.  The brushed nickel chain pulls look like a tiny light bulb… Read More

The Happy Sunflower Wall Lamp will add whimsy and light to your child’s room.  The kit consists of a circular 10.8″ wall lamp with a face design on it and a collection of stickers to form the petals to turn the lamp into a potted sunflower.  (The stickers are easily removed.)  The fixture uses E14… Read More

This Interactive Cloud Lamp is more of an art piece than task lighting.  It looks fluffy like a real cloud and hangs from your ceiling like a small thundercloud.  It has interactive, color-changing Philips lights inside and a speaker system that can stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled device or produce the thunder that goes along… Read More

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