Turn a standard CFL or LED bulb into a color-changing bulb without breaking the bank


I have several Philips Hue bulbs in my house that started with a Christmas gift last year and has grown over the year since then.  I love the ability to change the mood of my room by varying the intensity and the color of the lights, but it is an expensive setup.  The starter hub and three color-changing bulbs is $200, and additional color-changing bulbs are $60 each and white WiFi-controllable bulbs are $30.00.  What if you want to change the mood in your room but don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars to do it?  Moodies are heat-safe silicone (same stuff used in silicone bakeware) sleeves that slide over a CFL or LED bulb and change the color of the light.  Of course, they can’t be controlled via WiFi, but you can buy a Rainbow Pack of 8 Moodies to change your lighting whenever you like.  The Rainbow Pack of 8 colors is $19.99, and individual Moodies are $3.00 each.

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