Silk by Saffron Smart LED Lighting matches your home’s lighting to your body rhythms

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In recent years, there’s been a lot of discussion about how the blue light from the screens of mobile devices could be negatively impacting sleep patterns.  Humans evolved having bright, bluish-white light from the sun during part of the day.  The only light they had at night was either from the stars and moon or the reddish lights from fires (fires, candles, lanterns, etc).  Things changed once we had electricity in our dwellings, but even those lights had a reddish cast.  Now, we have fluorescent lights with a greenish tint, daylight bulbs with bluish light, and TVs and mobile devices with bluish light all disrupting our natural circadian rhythms.  Saffron, whose Drift bulb with its naturally dimming function designed to help guide you to sleep was reviewed at The Gadgeteer, has a Kickstarter campaign to fund the Silk bulb.

The Silk Smart LED bulb is designed to have your lighting match your circadian rhythms by producing brighter, bluer light during certain times of the day and gradually changing to redder, dimmer lights at other times.  You can create the perfect lighting for any situation by adjusting the color temperature and the brightness of the Silk bulb.  The smart bulbs connect to your home WiFi via their hub, and they can be set up to automatically adjust their light to match the time of day.  You can also use the power switch controlling a bulb to give it a boost of blue if the situation needs a little extra energy or to have the bulb gradually dim to off if you want to slow down and get ready to sleep; this nClick function is customizable, so you can have it adjust the lights in other ways to best suit your needs.  The Silk app for your smartphone allows you to schedule the bulbs, create lighting zones, and customize the nClick functions.

The $99 early-bird special pledge is almost gone, so you’ll probably have to pledge $129 for a bridge and three Silk bulbs.  You can add extra Silk bulbs for $24.95 each.  Saffron has reached a little more than a third of their funding goal at this point.  Funding continues until Friday, August 7, 2015 at 10:41 AM EDT.  Shipping is expected in January 2016.  Learn more at the Silk by Saffron Kickstarter page.

3 thoughts on “Silk by Saffron Smart LED Lighting matches your home’s lighting to your body rhythms”

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  2. Nice article, but I’m not sure about this bulb. Here my two questions for which I couldn’t find answers:

    – Is it really smart, that means can I control them with my iphone or do I have to use the switch
    – Are they multi-color capable (RGB)

    Would be great if both answers would be answered with yes. Because I really like the price of $25!!

    Thanks, Gulls

    1. As I said in the second paragraph, the app allows you to schedule the lights and create zones. You’ll need to ask the Saffron people if you need more details than that. The nClick functions with the light switch seems to be designed for temporary adjustments to add a bit of blue for a little extra energizing “daylight” or to make it fade out a little earlier than scheduled, for example.

      These are not like the Hue color-changing bulbs. They don’t change to all the colors of the spectrum. They only change the color temperature and brightness to simulate sunlight at various times of the day.

      All of this is found in the Kickstarter information.

      1. Thanks – I just screened their Kickstarter page and these are really different bulbs than the HUE, LIFX, and as they are all called. I was just excited as they only cost $25, but now I know why … so RGB, no smartphone control.

        So I checked Kickstarter for more smart LED projects and I found mimoodz! The project is over already, but these bulbs look like the one’s I need. Seems like they can as much as all the others, but are available at a fraction in retail price ($25, on Kickstarter they sold them from $13 !!!). And you can still get them at Kickstarter prices on their website:

        Thanks for bringing me there 🙂

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