This TripleLite flashlight illuminates a greater area than any other flashlight on the market


Why use a flashlight that only lights a small circular area in front of you (top right image) when you could light up a full 180o around you (bottom right image)?  The TripleLite 180o Flashlight uses “patented technology and a Smart Widescreen LED Arrangement” to light a bigger, brighter area than standard flashlights can.  It has three ultra-bright LED bulbs that produce 500 lumens of crisp, bright white light in an area that matches your natural field of vision.  You can illuminate 164 feet of distance on high, 98 feet on low, and up to 50 feet in width.  TripleLite uses 3 AA batteries; you’ll get 3 hours on high or 6 hours on low.  There’s also a Mini version that produces 250 lumens and illuminates up to 115 feet of distance with up to 33 feet in width.

The TripleLite 180o Flashlight is $24.99, and the TripleLite 180o Mini Flashlight is $19.99.  Learn more at TripleLite.

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  • Andrew Baker July 7, 2015, 9:49 am

    It looks like they missed an opportunity to make it rechargeable by sliding the handle into a cigarette lighter outlet.

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