Summer’s nearly here, and it’s almost time to start planning picnics.  If you don’t like sitting on the ground with the dirt and insects, you probably prefer going to places with picnic tables available, but with the Multi Function Rolling Cooler with Table and 2 Chairs, you can go anywhere and still enjoy using a… Read More

If you’re lucky enough to have a personal outdoor area to enjoy warm weather, check out this lighted umbrella for your patio table.  The ATLeisure 9′ Easy Light Touch Solar Umbrella with 44 LEDs will fit in the umbrella holder made into most patio tables, or you can use it without a table if you purchase a… Read More

Whether you’re cleaning out broken branches from the recent winter storms or planning to clean up and shape some trees this spring, the Sun Joe Electric Multi-Angle Telescopic Pole Chain Saw might help you with your work.  This Sun Joe saw has a 6.5A motor that can power through up to 7.5″ diameter branches (depending on type of… Read More

This is not the typical folding outdoor chair!  Although the rEvolve chair does fold up into a carry bag, that’s where the similarities end with most outdoor chairs.  The rEvolve has a swivel base, so you can turn from side and side – even a full 3600 – and never miss the action of a game… Read More

Most everybody has used a bandana.  They are useful for many things – tying back your hair, tied around your head to act as a sweat catcher when you’re working or playing hard outdoors, wrapping up things in your bag…  Now they can even serve as a reference guide.  The Know Your Knots Bandana from… Read More

If your hands are always cold as ice, you need one of these rechargeable hand warmers.  (My daughter needs one; her hands are always as cold as ice.)  Its lithium-ion battery charges from USB power, and then it can provide you with up to 6 hours of heat (up to a maximum of 130oF) to… Read More

Here’s a little something for our gadget loving fisherman readers. It’s the Hook-Eze and it claims to help you quickly and safely tie a fishing hook to your line without drawing any blood. It’s a simple gadget invented by Ross Bain of Australia, that is basically a holder that snaps over the hook’s barb so… Read More

Ever since my granddaughter visited Disney World, she’s been asking when I was going to put “Fairy Lights”  in the trees around the house.  I’ve been able to deflect, usually with the promise of ice cream, but now I can answer her request using the Night Stars light.  Although my initial thoughts were “who needs… Read More

Winter is gone and that means it’s time to get outdoors and fire up the grill for some burgers and hotdogs. I’m not sure about you, but it always makes me a little queasy when I have to squirt lighter fluid on charcoal. I know most of it burns away once the charcoal comes up… Read More

Here’s an umbrella for those of you that won’t stop texting even long enough to get in from rain… The Brolly Umbrella looks and works like a standard compact umbrella, but the ergonomic handle has 4 finger holes. These rubber lined holes provide a more comfortable grip and allow you to hold your phone as… Read More

Are you a paracord junkie? Do you like to use paracord for any and all situations possible? Do you find after knotting paracord, it is next to impossible to get unknotted? Well folks, knot no more with the Fish Bone Knotless Gear Tie, a KickStarter project by Brent Garcia. The Fish Bone is a small… Read More

I don’t know how the weather is in your part of the world right now, but here in southern Indiana, we’re already having some sub 30 degree mornings.  That means glove weather for me. Regular gloves and smartphones with capacitive displays don’t get along well together. I’ve reviewed a couple different capacitive friendly gloves in… Read More

The DeLorme inReach is the first affordable 2-way Satellite Communicator on the market. When you go camping, boating or traveling, you may think your cell phone will be there for you to get you out of an emergency situation. But only 10% of the world actually has cell phone coverage. Designed for remote or high-risk… Read More

The PowerPot is a Kickstarter project that has already earned funding with 8 days to spare. What is it? It’s a portable thermo electric generator. Take it camping, fill it with some water or food, place it on your  campfire and you’ve got instant power.  There are two versions: the PowerPot V and the PowerPot… Read More

Finnish company Biolan specialises in ecological farming and green area management as well as environmental products. The Icelett is a dry toilet that does not require water, sewer, or a ventilation pipe, and is easy to install anywhere.  The difference:  the Icelett freezes your waste to -15 degrees Centigrade, which inhibits and stops the activity… Read More