Wine glass or weapon, you be the judge

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If you like to enjoy a nice glass of wine in the great outdoors, but feel very unsophisticated using plastic cups or mugs, Parqer wine glasses have been designed especially for you. What are they? They are long-stemmed wine glasses made of glass – duh! But the reason why they are unique is that they don’t have a base. A base on the bottom of a wine glass is perfect for indoor use when you have a table to rest the glass, but take them outdoors and try to balance them on the grass or beach and your favorite chardonnay will soon be soaking into the ground when the wine glass inevitably tips over. Parqer wine glasses solve this issue by removing the base while the remaining stem can be stuck in the ground / beach, parq-ing them so to speak. And hey, if your drinking companion does something to annoy you, just… well, nevermind. Parqer wine glasses are sold by the pair and are priced from €29,90 up to €33,90 ($33.10 – $37.52) depending on the color of the stem. For more info visit

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