Logitech updates logo and adds new Logi branded products


Since Bracken Darrell took over leadership of Logitech back in 2013, the company has been steering from a tech focused company into a design company. Today Logitech announces their brand transformation which includes a new logo and a brand label called Logi. Their goal is to branch out from mainly offering only PC accessories into a company who offers products for a variety of everyday uses. Pair that with bright colors and fresh designs and you have what hopes to be an exciting new path. For more info visit Logitech.com

4 thoughts on “Logitech updates logo and adds new Logi branded products”

  1. Bad move Logitech, you have a universally known logo. People are more likely to see the logo and think “cheap Chinese knock off”

  2. It screams incompetence. That G thing looks like sloppy printing, lack of proofreading and no concern for quality.

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