Easily remove ticks without touching them or needing tweezers

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The Ticked Off plastic spoon may remind you of the sporks KFC used to use, but don’t use this to eat with!  This little tool is the easy way to remove ticks that have bitten a human or an animal.  You just place the slot near the tick and slide the implement forward.  It will grab the tick’s head and lift it out of the skin as you slide the spoon.  The bowl holds the tick so you can dispose of it or save it for identification without ever touching it.  Amazon has one white Ticked Off for $6.95 or a three-pack in random colors for $7.75.

2 thoughts on “Easily remove ticks without touching them or needing tweezers”

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  2. This is funny, I remember a hiking guide when I was in HS had one of these. He made then out of dollar store measuring spoons, then he notched them with his knife. This picture brought back vivid memories from 20 years ago.

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