SAFEGO is a lock box for your valuables

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We travel to Florida once a year and our favorite activity when we’re there is to relax on the beach under an umbrella. When we need a break from all that relaxing, we like to walk along the surf soaking up the sun and looking for shells. Sounds perfect right? It is except that I’m usually a little nervous that someone is going to steal our stuff while we’re away from our beach chairs. 

Sure, we could wear a bag and put our valuables in it while we were walking, but that just sounds cumbersome, especially when you’re bending over to pick up a shell every few feet. Another possible solution is the SAFEGO Portable Safe.

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The SAFEGO is made of high impact ABS plastic with a keyed lock and a built-in custom 3-digita combination lock that secures a 6mm heavy-duty steel cable. The cable can wrap around the frame of a beach chair or any other object.

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The water and sand resistant 7″ x 4″ x 7.5″ compartment is large enough to hold phones, money, credit cards, passports, etc. There’s even a pass-through that you can use to route your headphone cord from a device inside the SAFEGO or route a cable from a backup battery stored inside the SAFEGO to your device on the outside.

The SAFEGO Portable Safe is priced at $39.00 and is available in black, white, blue, pink or gold at and Amazon.

6 thoughts on “SAFEGO is a lock box for your valuables”

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  2. So what if somebody just picks up your beach chair and walks away with it and your Safego lock box? Out here in some Hawaii beaches that are crowded that happens.

      1. Michael ODonnell

        Something taught to me many years ago: thieves, given the choice, will steal that with least resistance to their end game. Given 20 people’s valuables at a beach, one without locked protection will be lifted first. Like a home with a burglar alarm, and one without, they’ll choose the one without. But, I’d never leave my wallet alone!

  3. I have heard of a trick where you take off the lid to a shampoo bottle and cut away enough of the opening to be able to slide in your valuables. It may not be so good for a cell phone that you want to use while you’re at the beach, but it should be good for the rest of your stuff, just toss in a cloth so that your stuff does not rattle in an empty shampoo bottle.

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