Catalyst Water Proof Shock Resistant Case for Apple Watch 42mm Series 2 review

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Since getting my Apple Watch, I have used it regularly for months for day to day activities. Now that winter is over, tennis season has started up, and with that, more physical activity that could potentially damage my expensive watch. With the Catalyst Case for the Apple Watch Series 2, I was able to set my worries aside. Let’s see how well it held up to everyday use.

In the box, you’ll find the Catalyst case housing, wrist strap, silicone waterproof sealing wrap, a test unit (for waterproof testing purposes), a spare screw, and a small screwdriver.

My first thought when I saw the waterproof housing was.. “Why?” The Series 2 is already waterproof, right? That’s true, but the Catalyst case is waterproof up to 330 ft, which means you can go snorkeling with your watch, or your watch should be safe if it decides to go snorkeling without you.

I tested and made sure the case was indeed waterproof as the instructions say, and then inserted my Apple Watch inside. It was a bit of work getting the unit open, but that made me confident that it will not fall apart randomly. After removing the old wrist straps, you put the watch in the silicone sealing wrap, sit the wrap on the bottom plate, then snap the top into place. Lastly, using the tiny screwdriver, tighten the screw and it is ready to go.

The backside of the watch has silicone covering the heart rate sensor, but it has not had any problems registering my heart rate, and it doesn’t feel much different than without.

Using the dial and button located on the side of the watch was no different than before, though if the watch slid towards my hand, I would accidentally press down the dial and activate Siri. That was probably the number one thing that annoyed me with the watch; how often I activated Siri on accident!

One thing I missed from my Fitbit Charge HR was the standard wrist strap. Don’t get me wrong, I am used to the Apple Watch sport band by now, but the standard strap just feels more secure. The Catalyst case gave me back that strap, so that made me very happy. It secures into place easily and the black clasp adds a dash of color to the white strap.

This case definitely adds some bulk to the Apple Watch. The watch is already big, but with the case, it seems massive, especially on the 42mm version. It took a good week or so to get used to having the case on it. Weight wise, it isn’t bad at all, it is just the size in relation to my small wrist.

Lastly, the case has done a very good job of protecting my Apple Watch while out on the tennis courts. It has withstood scraping against chain link, clanking against tennis rackets, and a drop or two at home with little to show for it. The top of the watch is exposed, but there is a lip that (theoretically) would stop a scratch from occurring on the screen. The strap also has stayed clean, which impressed me since I thought the white silicone would collect dirt and grime.

Overall, I am happy with the Catalyst Case for my Apple Watch Series 2 and plan to keep it on for the immediate future, especially since I will be outdoors more. The price point is only ten dollars more than a sport band from Apple, and it gives solid protection for the price. It definitely adds some bulk to the watch itself, but if you don’t mind a big watch on your wrist, take a look at the Catalyst Case for the Apple Watch Series 2 and see if it is the right fit for you.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Catalyst. Please visit their site for more information and Amazon to order one.


Product Information

  • - Apple Watch Series 2
  • - Protective and lightweight
  • - Adds additional waterproofing to the watch
  • - May be lightweight but it adds bulk to the size of the watch
  • - Dial sticks out a little more than normal, causing Siri to be activated on accident

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  2. I do a lot of multi-sports (cycling, swimming, running) and after lots of research also found the Catalyst Water Proof Shock Resistant Case is the best case for my apple watch. I don’t have to worry about getting damaged on the bike trails or wet when swimming or getting caught in the rain when outdoors. I am also a fan of Road-ID and found that the Apple Watch ID Plate does not fit the Catalyst Case Band. After getting the measurements of the Catalyst Case Band from the manufacture, I found that the Fitbit Blaze ID plate works perfect. Now I am covered for my watch and safety.

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