Prune faster with these battery powered pruning shears

NEWS – These battery-powered shears popped up on my Facebook feed this morning and most of the time sponsored Facebook ads are usually for junk, but these pruners look like a dream tool for me. I’ve been imagining breezing through yard cleanup in minutes with these bad boys. They feature a trigger and a rechargeable battery that lasts 3-4 hours on a charge. On Amazon, they are almost $300 which is insane, but you can get one with the battery from for $149.98 which is still expensive, but might be worth it if you have a LOT of pruning to do..

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12 thoughts on “Prune faster with these battery powered pruning shears”

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        1. I was just on their page getting ready to order it when I realized that the $29.98 price is for the shears by themselves. If you want the shears AND the battery, the price goes to $149.98 🙁 Sorry, but at that price, I’m not willing to accept that challenge. I’m also going to go update the post to reflect my mistake.

          1. It is a scam site, I ordered two battery operated shears at a very low price and quickly discovered it was a scam, luckily I got refunded by paypal. oddly enough at a later date two pair of cheap hand operated shears arrived!!
            would have been well miffed if I had not got a refund,

          2. I order some too, it showed battery and shears and only received shear which I could of go at Walmart for 10.00☹️😡😡crappy deal and you are hard up to mis advertisements taking people’s money.

  2. I purchased one through a Facebook advertisement. Thought it would have been good for my father who has Rheumatoid Arthritis… I never received the product. Their original email receipt led me to a tracker page which showed an error. I disputed the charge through PayPal. The owner, “New Boat” replied with a shipping tracker which showed no movement of over 15 days. Others have indicated the similar issues of not receiving the product, or receiving a much lesser valued product. I believe all of this stalling is an effort to get past the resolution window of your credit card company. I though you and your readers should know. I have also reported their Facebook page as a scam

  3. Jerry A. Woolston

    I CAN’T STRESS THIS STRONGLY ENOUGH! DO NOT ORDER THESE! Hundreds of posters (including me were scammed). Order was never filled or, in my case, I was sent a crappy pair of $10.00 pruning shears that you operate by hand, like a pair of scissors. Not battery operated. When I complained to the company, they offered to refund $10 of my $40 and said I could keep the crappy shears…lol…Nice try! I and many others have reported them to Paypal.

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