These mosquito repellers conjure an anti-bug force field

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Thermacell patio mosquito repeller

NEWS – We’re heading into the middle of summer, and that means cookouts, pool parties, and naturally, mosquitos. There are methods of curbing those pesky bloodsuckers, but bug sprays are smelly and oily and may not mix well with sunscreen, and open flame candles can be messy or dangerous.

People next to a pool with a 15x15 foot zone around them
Their smallest butane-fueled repeller provides a 15×15 mosquito-free zone.

Thermacell may have that problem licked. Their line of portable mosquito repellers uses a special scent- and DEET-free formula combined with a safe, butane-powered cartridge, all in a small, attractive package. Their repellers form a 15-foot anti-mosquito force field and can be used on your patio, campsite or anywhere else you’re entertaining outdoors. Their larger, rechargeable battery-powered repeller commands a 110 square foot barrier of protection.

Check out the full line of Thermacell’s portable mosquito repellers on their site and Amazon get back to actually enjoying the outdoors.

6 thoughts on “These mosquito repellers conjure an anti-bug force field”

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  2. (Note that the links to their site are broken.)

    Just as reference: We used their small lantern versions to good effect at my sister’s recent wedding, which was outdoors in a wooded area. People had been dealing with insects all weekend, but there weren’t any during the wedding.

  3. This device does not generate a force field. It emits a chemical repellent which is carried by the air and can be blown away by the wind. It says so if you dig deeply enough into their site. Specifically, “This product works best when there is minimal air movement…”

    So if you use it, you are breathing an unidentified chemical, about which they also say “If swallowed: call a poison control center or doctor immediately”.

    I’m not sure whether talk of a force-field isn’t false advertising.

    1. Worth noting is that it uses a fairly standard type of repellent pad, that’s in use worldwide. I don’t know the type of chemical it uses off the top of my head, but I grew up with similar electric devices that were plugged into the wall, and used the same (or very similar) pads.

  4. I have used their butane heated pads for several years, and have noticed no ill effects. We don’t spend the whole day there, of course, but a few hours on the front porch, reading the news with coffee is a nice thing, and the Lovely Bride doesn’t pay for it with red welts all over her arms and legs.

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