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StealthGuards ‘military grade’ full body skins are available for many cell phones and MP3 players for FREE, just pay $2.85 S&H. For $2 extra, get two of the same sets. The usual price for most small devices is $14.99, so it is a nice deal!

They are a precision-cut. ‘self-healing’ skin made from the material used to protect the leading edge of helicopter blades. They are thin and flexible and have just a touch of a tacky feel to them.

At regular price, they send you two sets, so you can practice one one and correctly install the second. At the special price, however, you just get one set. The free ones are just sent in a business envelope with no instructions (but they are on the website) or packaging.

Ordering is a bit tricky since cookies need to be enabled, and I could not seem to get them to take Google Chrome. Shipping time for me was about 6 days, with a weekend and a holiday in there.

The skins have a lifetime guarantee, just pay $3.95 S&H and a 30 day money back guarantee (but opened product may be subject to a $3.95 restock fee- which might make more sense at full price, but the ones I got were just tucked in a plain mailing envelope.)

I meant this as a quick news piece, not as a review (they just came in before I posted it!), but I will do an update when I actually install them.

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  2. After trying four browsers on two computers, I finally got it to work using IE. If they aren’t any good, I’m only out $5.

  3. UPDATE:
    Installation is not difficult (videos on-line), and the precision of the cuts is good.

    However, I could not get rid of a certain amount of ‘texturing’ between the film and the surface of the EVO- I don’t know if it was from my ‘installation solution’ or what, but it looked like it added a very faint pebbled texture on the back, and a more feathery texture on the front. I would have forgiven the texture but it made my screen slightly distorted.

    There is a comment in the installation video about letting it set for 24 hours or using a dryer to speed it up. Even with drying time I was not happy with the texturing results so removed the films.

    This is similar to the sorts of problems some films left in the old PDA Screen Protector days, and the results may have been just something I personally was doing wrong.

    How has it gone for others?

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