Rotaliana Diva Combines a iPod Dock, Speakers, and Lamp Into a Stylish Package

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rotaliana diva lampYou’ve probably seen something similar to this – a desk lamp with a charging dock for iPod/iPhone in the base.  Rotaliana, an Italian company that seems to specialize in lighting, has turned a simple product into art.  The Diva is made from polycarbonate and aluminum.  There’s an aluminum arm, hinged at the top, that opens to expose a lamp with a 4.5W LED.  There’s a retracting docking station drawer (for iPod and iPhone) that has a digital screen that displays the time or other information.  Inside, there are four high-quality speakers.  The back has an AUX input for use with other audio equipment, audio-out ports to attach the Diva to external speakers, and a USB port to play music from a flash drive.  There’s also a remote to control every function, including the iPod and the radio.  The Diva comes in white with white painted aluminum parts, black with anodized aluminum, or black with dark gray anodized aluminum.  The Rotaliana Diva is available from the Modern Nest website for $992.

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