The UpCart Deluxe stair climbing handcart review

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Several weeks ago, I wrote a news story on the UpCart and received some comments from our readers, including a request to review the cart. At that time, it was just a news story and I did not have one to review. Shortly thereafter, the owner of the UpCart Company saw the news story and comments and offered to send one for a review. So, here we go:

What is it?

The UpCart is a handcart built with 3 wheels on each side,  and it is designed to make taking loads up and down stairs easily, as well as going over curbs and the normal rough terrain that we usually use our handcarts for. The third wheel allows it to have traction and the ability to roll at all times since by design, 2 wheels on each side are always touching a surface.

What’s in the box


The UpCart Deluxe comes fully assembled in the box, and a nice wide and durable bungee cord is included so that you can just add your cargo, strap it in and go.

Design and features

The UpCart Deluxe is a well-designed lightweight handcart that uses 3 wheels on each side that rotate to make the curb climbing and carting up and down stairs much easier than the conventional 2-wheeled handcart. The handle from the base is chrome plated, 8 inches wide, 21 inches from the ground when closed and 44 inches from the ground when fully extended. The base and the wheels fold flat when closed, and measure 24 inches when flat at the widest point from wheel to wheel. The second grip just beneath the top handle is the lever that when pulled upwards, releases the handle to be extended or shortened.

When the handle is extended, the wheels are opened to the correct position for carting by depressing the base. In this position, the base that the load will rest on is 10 inches deep and 16.5 inches wide, and the distance across between the wheels is 19.5 inches.


The dimensions are very important for this review because this cart is very stable and without a doubt, the design and measurements are a critical part of the success of this cart.
The base of the cart is powder coated and in my testing, the metal felt like it could be cast iron but because the cart is relatively light, I could be wrong.

What I like

There are so many things to like about the UpCart. The fit and finish are pristine, and the design fits the purpose very well. I was very surprised at how lightweight it is and how skinny the wheels are, and yet it is remarkably stable. I tried to load it up with an unbalanced load to see if it would tip over and under what circumstances.

First, I loaded it with 2 boxes totaling approximately 80 pounds and it stood solid and with no issues.

UpCart 5

Then I decided to use it for my cumbersome laundry bags and once again it stood steadfast on its own.

UpCart 9

Finally, I packed on uneven parcels of grocery items and it handled the load like a champ.

UpCart 7

I then took the groceries up the stairs, and other than the actual weight of the load, I had no problem getting the cart up the stairs. Once it started rolling, it was quite smooth, and it was the same going down the stairs.

UpCart 6

I must also mention that it seems that it will easily handle the maximum load of 125 pounds as per manufacturer specifications.

What can be improved

While the UpCart is well built and quite strong, I do feel that the wheels could be slightly wider to better manage those rough parking lots with cracks in the asphalt. I would also like to see a mechanism built in to assertively lock the wheels open or closed. There were times when I felt unsure that the wheels would stay in position, albeit that they did.

Final thoughts

In my opinion, the UpCart Deluxe is without a doubt a well-built cart that may seem questionable from its looks but is very capable and in a very mighty way. Not only did it handle every load I tested without a hiccup, but it rolled across every surface I tried with such ease and balance that it is now a permanent addition in the bed of my truck. It has just about dethroned every one of my existing 2-wheeled carts. This is a good buy and serves a great purpose for anyone needing to carry loads within the specified maximum weight. I guess time will tell if it will stand up to the beating that my carts must endure, but I am betting that it will also do a good job at endurance.

Price: $99.95 MSRP
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The product for this review was provided by UpCart.

2 thoughts on “The UpCart Deluxe stair climbing handcart review”

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  2. Hello,

    This appears to a manually-operated, non-combat personal carrier version of the Landmaster personnel carrier vehicle used in the 1977 file “Damnation Alley.” If nothing else, the tri-star wheel arrangement appears to be very similar.

    It would be interesting to see if UpCart follows up with powered models.


    Aryeh Goretsky

  3. Hi Aryeh,

    Not sure if there will be a powered version, but this version works well and it is just a great cart.

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