PROPS Luggage review – this carry-on bag has legs!

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REVIEW – When it comes to luggage, bags are pretty much all the same, right? That’s what I thought until I saw these carry-on bags from PROPS Luggage. They look like regular rolling bags, but they hide a feature that makes them way more convenient to use than all the other bags in my closet! Let me show you!

What is it?

PROPS Luggage carry-on bags are lightweight hardshell carry-on bags that have built-in legs!

Design and features

props luggage 1

The PROPS Luggage carry-on is available in 4 colors including the graphite version that you see here. The exterior of the bag is made of durable but lightweight polycarbonate.

props luggage 5

On the top of the bag, you’ll find a TSA-approved 3-digit combination lock that secures the two metal pulls of the YKK zipper.

props luggage 6

The top of the PROPS Luggage carry-on also has a lay flat handle.

props luggage 3

A second handle is located on the side of the bag.

props luggage 16

And the third handle is on the bottom of the bag. Three handles mean that you have several way to move, carry, and lift this bag.

props luggage 2

If we look at the back of the bag, we find the telescoping trolley handle with a locking button on top.

props luggage 7

The trolley handle has 3 sections that allow it to extend to a nice height.

props luggage 10

Rolling/moving the PROPS Luggage carry-on bag is super easy because all four wheels are dual-spinner wheels with ball bearings. Rolling it around feels very smooth and effortless.

props luggage 8

Now let’s take a look at the interior of the bag which is accessed with the dual zippers. The lid opens to reveal a roomy interior with a compression system that you can use to keep all your items secured.

props luggage 9

The lid has a zippered see-through mesh pocket on the outside and then unzippers for a larger compartment behind it.

props luggage 4

If you need more room in your bag, you can expand it by unzipping the zipper around the “belly” of the bag.

props luggage 15

The image above shows the bag with the expansion zipper unzipped to allow around 2 more inches of space.

props luggage 11

Now let’s talk about the most unique feature of the PROPS Luggage carry-on bag. See that button on the back of the bag? When you side it upward, it unlocks the fold out legs.

props luggage 12

The legs unfold to provide a stand for the bag!

props luggage 13

Here is the PROPS Luggage carry-on bag with the legs unfolded and ready to be used in two different ways.

props luggage 14

The most obvious way to use the bag in this way is probably the way you first guessed… as a built-in luggage rack. Instead of leaving the bag on the floor where you have to practically stand on your head to remove items, or having to lift it on the bed each time you need something, the PROPS Luggage carry-on bag can stand on its own, ready and waiting for easy access.

props luggage 17

The second way that you can use the bag is as a table. You might be thinking… huh? Ok just imagine that you’re at the airport waiting for a flight but would like to get some work done. You can unfold the legs and create a table for your laptop.

What I like

  • Built-in luggage rack
  • Hardshell feels durable
  • 3 handles

What I’d change

  • Expensive

Final thoughts

I haven’t had the chance to use the PROPS Luggage carry-on bag in a real-world travel adventure yet, but I do have a trip planned early in September and plan to take it with me to see how well it performs. When I return from my trip, I’ll update this review with my thoughts. But until then, I really like what I see here. The price is prohibitive to many people who are on a budget, but if your wallet doesn’t mind the price tag and you like the idea of having a bag that can turn into a table or perform as a luggage rack, the PROPS Luggage carry-on bag looks to be a winner.

Price: $350.00
Where to buy: PROPS Luggage ( Save 10% off using the code: Gadget10 )
Source: The sample for this review was provided by PROPS Luggage.

11 thoughts on “PROPS Luggage review – this carry-on bag has legs!”

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  2. Can you actually sit at it and put your legs under it? It seems like it would be pretty uncomfortable to use if you can’t.

    1. John, It won’t perform as a traditional desk with a chair because it’s too short (unless you’re tiny person). But you can sit on the floor under it and/or use it as a side table. For me, I think the best use is as a luggage rack. I plan to take it with me on vacation in September and will report back if this feature is truly useful in real life.

  3. Thanks again for the discount code; ordered on Wednesday, shipped same day and with me 48 hours later! Just in time for a road trip this past weekend – Held up great so far, and having the fold out legs has been a really nice feature.

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