If you visit The Gadgeteer on a regular basis, you already know that we like to review wallets. As a matter of fact, Andy J. just posted a wallet review yesterday. I personally enjoy using minimalist wallets and thought I’d share my top 5 favorite minimalist wallets with you today.  IDENTITY Card wallet This one… Read More

I’m an EDC (Everyday Carry) user. You know, those little tools, tech and other items that you use regularly to help with tasks throughout your day. However, EDC often consists of several items that you have no good way to organize while carrying. There are many pouch-type cases out there, but often these provide just… Read More

While I travel a great deal within the US, I don’t often go out of the country and thus I rarely need my passport. But my wife has plans for the Gadgeteer Kid and me before he goes off to college and beyond. We are currently planning a nice long trip to the British Isles for the G.K.’s… Read More

The best feature of minimalist wallets is that they are ultra slim and take up minimal space in your bag or pocket. The problem is that this best feature can also impact how you remove cards from the wallet. A wallet that is ultra compact isn’t useful if you have to use pliers to remove… Read More

I am very picky about my EDC. I want quality items that are simple to use and are as minimal as possible when it comes to how much space they take up. About a year ago I realized that I almost never use cash anymore. When I buy something it’s easier to swipe a credit… Read More

I’m all about minimalism these days. Why carry two things when you can condense down to one. One example of this is an iPhone 7 and a wallet. You can ditch the wallet if you buy an iPhone 7 case that doubles as a wallet, like the new X-Doria Stash iPhone 7 case. Available in… Read More

I’m always on the look out for unique EDC gear and the Tactical Wallet from Dango fits that criteria perfectly. What is it? It’s a minimalist wallet made of aluminum and leather that can hold cards and case just like other wallets. So far that doesn’t sound very unique, but the interesting thing about the… Read More

I had a chance to review a great little wallet from A-SLIM, the Sapphire Black Chikara. After using the wallet in real world situations I can say that this wallet is exceeding my expectations when it comes to the smaller slimmer thin billfold wallets. First of all, the wallet’s name, Chikara, is the Japanese word for… Read More

I have been hunting for a small, thin, efficient, rugged wallet for years that isn’t overly expensive. I want something that I can just grab out of my purse that contains all of my basic necessities whenever the time calls for it and will fit in my pockets. Most women’s wallets and even men’s trifold… Read More

In this new world of touch-enabled devices that we are constantly checking, having to manage them, your passport, SIM cards, credit cards, cash and other small items during travel can really be a chore. Even traveling around town, you need coupons, business cards (yours and those you collect), maybe a notepad – loads of things… Read More

Gadgeteers love their wallets and consider them as yet another tool to improve their EDC. Choosing the right one can be tough because there are eleventy billion minimalist wallets on the market today. So let me add one more choice to the mix. It’s the Trayvax Element wallet and it’s a stunner. But is it… Read More

Wallets are a simple device on the surface, basically designed to carry your cards and cash. Not unlike many, I have complicated my wallet by adding things like a pen and pen knife. I have been pretty loyal to my old wallet for a while since it was custom made for me. But wallets have… Read More

I know there are many walletaholics here on The Gadgeteer and sadly I’m one of them. After becoming a front pocket carrier I appear to have accumulated  a wallet for different occasions. My EDC is a Saddleback Leather Small and when I need a more minimal wallet I put a subset of my cards into… Read More

Wallet phone cases have been around for a while. Not the slip-a-few-cards-in-the-back cases, but the fold-over, cover-the-screen type wallet cases. Most have an elastic band to hold them closed, but they are all fraught with difficulties, not the least of which is holding your entire wallet up to your ear during a phone call. Enter… Read More

The iPhone 6/6s Plus, the largest of Apple’s iconic smartphone, has gotten a bit of a raw deal in the case market. Time and again, Julie has sent out review product notices, and they will be for every iPhone on the market – except the iPhone 6/6s Plus. Well, the artisans at Distil Union have… Read More