Axwell wallet review – A card organizer and tiny body armor? All for a great cause.

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REVIEW – The Axwell Wallet company makes uniquely designed, card-holder style wallets, and supports military veterans in need. Axwell donates a portion of the proceeds from every sale to the Veterans Community Project in the USA and Homes For Heroes in Canada, to help build tiny homes for homeless veterans. I’m reviewing their Copper and Navy Wallets.


Axwell Wallets aren’t advertised as bulletproof, but, depending on the bullet…? They are tough. The Copper is a substantial wallet. If its weight is no issue for you, the Axwell Copper Wallet will be a unique item on display when you make purchases. It puts on a bit of a show with its shiny, distressed copper finish, when most card carrier wallets tend to be plain black.


What is it?

The Axwell Wallet is a card-holder wallet that ships with a cash strap installed, and a money clip included in the box. Axwell Wallets have changeable magnetic cover plates.


What’s in the box?

  • Axwell wallet
  • Money clip
  • Instruction card
  • Axwell sticker


Hardware specs

  • Empty weight: Copper – 5.5 ounces
  • Empty weight: Navy – 2.9 ounces
  • RFID protection
  • Cash strap and money clip included
  • Interchangeable magnetic side plates


Design and features

The Copper wallet and its other Axwell siblings have removable, interchangeable side plates. Removing the plates for weight reduction isn’t really feasible since the plates fit within the borders of the wallet side piece. But, the Copper wallet will stay deep in a pocket because of its heft. If you buy more than one Axwell wallet you can change the sides for varied looks.


This flashlight I’m reviewing weighs 5.5 oz and the Copper wallet with my cards weighs 6.6 ounces.

Axwell also makes a carbon fiber wallet which may be lighter.

This is the Navy wallet. It is darker or lighter depending on how it’s held and the light in the area. I like this finish.



Since I prefer a cash strap vs. a money clip, all I had to do was to move my cards from my regular, similar style wallet to the Axwell Copper. If the clip is preferred, it slides in place with no tools, and instructions for how to place it are on the back of the plastic instruction card.


The clip will probably scratch the surface of the wallet so I used the instruction card to make a barrier between the clip and the wallet side. I recommend doing this when installing or removing the clip.


This is the inside of the clip after installation. The two nubs fit into corresponding indentions in the wallet side plate. It is a snug, secure fit.


Here’s the reassembled Copper wallet with the money clip in place.

It’s not impossible to miss the instruction card in the bottom of the wallet box, and it is covering the money clip and Axwell sticker. Hopefully, customers will notice a bit of a rattle in the bottom of the box and not miss the clip’s presence.



With my 10 cards and a $20 bill, the Axwell Copper and Navy Wallets are ⅝” thick. That would be about the maximum thickness I would want to carry.


With the Copper Axwell holding my 10 cards and a single $20 bill in the cash strap, its weight is 6.6 ounces. In contrast, the similarly designed, metal card wallet my daughter gave me weighs 3.1 ounces loaded. The Monocarbon wallet I reviewed here previously weighs 3 ounces loaded. I should note, there is no clip or strap on my current wallet or the Monocarbon.

Axwell included their coin holder accessory. This device can hold coins, keys, toothpicks, etc. It is 3/16” in depth and is designed to fit in with the cards in the wallet. If I insert the coin holder within my 10 cards, the overall thickness of the wallet becomes a ¾” package. That’s not George Kostanza grade, but is pretty thick, and the wallet is made even heavier. The Navy wallet, my cards, and the empty coin holder weighed in at 4.9 ounces.

Heavier wallets may get used as briefcase or backpack wallets, which may suit some, but may narrow the field of potential buyers.


What I like

  • The Axwell Wallet holds cards tightly and securely.
  • Axwell makes a wide range of colors and side plate designs from which to choose.
  • RFID protection is a nice feature.


What I’d change

  • Reduction of wallet weight and thickness could maximize sales and minimize returns.


Final thoughts

Some buy the ¼ carat diamond, some buy the 4 carat diamond. Some drive Ford, some drive Porsche. Those comparisons are off scale compared to wallets but the point is, a buyer must determine if the features of a product equate to it being ‘worth it’ at a given cost.

Axwell Wallets are very well made and have unique features such as the changeable side panels, interchangeable cash clip and strap, available accessories and a variety of designs. If its weight isn’t a problem for you, the Copper Axwell Wallet sure looks unique. If lighter is better for you, Axwell has finishes that will fit that requirement.

Price: Copper $100. Navy $72
Where to buy: (save 10% when you use the code: GADGETEER )
Source: The samples of this product were provided by Axwell.

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