Is this the world’s most inconvenient wallet or is it a genius idea?

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NEWS – At first glance, this hardshell wallet looks pretty awesome with its fanning slot design that can hold up to 10 cards, cash, and receipts. When you open the Ögon Designs Aluminum Code Wallet, it opens like a file cabinet with folders that spread open to reveal the contents for easy retrieval.

We’ve seen these types of wallets before. But this particular wallet has an extra feature that makes it either super cool or super annoying to use. It has a built-in 3 digital combination lock. It will obviously keep the contents secure as long as you know the code, but I can imagine it being a hassle when you need to open it quickly and you have to fumble with the lock.

If you’re a parent and need to keep your kids from helping themselves to your cash, it might be useful, but I think I’ll stick to the Open Sea Leather Topsider Mini Wallet that I’ve been using for the past month. It doesn’t have RFID protection like the Ögon Designs Aluminum Code Wallet shown here, but it’s smaller and more my style.

What about you? Do you think the Ögon Designs Aluminum Code Wallet is a worthy wallet for your EDC? If so, they are $84.99 on Amazon for one like you see here or $169.99 if you want the carbon fiber version.

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5 thoughts on “Is this the world’s most inconvenient wallet or is it a genius idea?”

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  2. Hard pass. I see no value to me having a lock on my wallet, and not to mention that one time you forget the code, or the lock mechanism fails. This is a solution looking for a problem

    1. True, but I’ve heard of pickpockets who snag your wallet, take the cash, then put the wallet back in your pocket so that you won’t realize the problem until hours later. Very rare, of course.

  3. i had a non-locking version of an rfid wallet given to me when they first came out

    didn’t like it (too fat?)…so i removed the card sleeves and added foam “pages” and used it as a fly wallet for a couple of years

    dropped it in a river and that was that…floated really well though

  4. BetterThanAverageJoe

    The Ogon wallets are basically the as-seen-on-tv alumi-wallet for 6 times the price. No thanks. I rather go to Dango or Flipside for features worth that kind of price.

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