Home internet, wired or wireless? That’s a big question now days with more folks working from home. With a lot of newer homes being built today having the house pre wired for Ethernet connections is a common practice. In older homes wireless seems to be the way to go, especially with faster speed wireless routers… Read More

Powerline Ethernet may be the least understood and used technology for networking.  It’s a shame because it’s so easy to use and is more reliable than WiFi.  The good news is that there are more vendors offering products in the space, Intellinet being the latest.  Their Powerline AV500 Ethernet Adapter  provides a true plug and… Read More

GARGOYLE- [gahr-goil] NOUN – a grotesquely carved figure of a human or animal Gargoyle Router  is an alternative firmware for a number of different routers that allows you to monitor bandwidth usage by user  and set and enforce bandwidth quotas on particular users. Let me preface this review with a warning. I’m an alternate firmware junkie. Any… Read More

I’ve been using Powerline networking for several years and this is the 4th product I’ve  used and reviewed.  All the vendors provided ethernet over the AC lines in my house, but I could never quite get the throughput I expected, until now.  The Plaster Networks solution has similar hardware, however, they have intelligence built into their boxes… Read More

I’ve been using powerline ethernet for several years and it’s allowed  me to extend my home LAN to every corner of the house without having to rewire the building.   I have used and tested several HomePlug devices, but the innoband Wireless N solution is unique in that it also includes a WiFi access point. You may… Read More

The next time I purchase a house I will look for one that has Ethernet wired to all the rooms, but until that happens I need a way to get high speed LAN access in different areas of my home.  WiFi is too slow and unreliable.  One of the possibilities is a technology called Powerline Ethernet… Read More

The SimpleNET from SimpleTech is a super simple (sorry, couldn’t resist) way to turn a USB hard drive into a NAS device (network attached storage). Just plug this small module into your wireless router and then plug one or two USB hard drives into the USB ports in the module and you’re done. It’s compatible… Read More

A technology that’s been running below the radar solved one of my networking problems in 3 easy steps:  1) buy it, 2) plug it in and 3) turn it on.  The Netgear Powerline AV Ethernet Adapter is a truly plug and play device and is a cost effective solution for those who can’t hardwire or… Read More