Your pooch needs daily exercise just like you do, but walking your dog with a traditional leash means not being able to use one of your hands. The Lishinu dog leash has been designed to allow for hands-free use, making it much more convenient for both you and your dog. [click to continue…]

My favorite type of gear bag is a backpack, especially if you need to carry your items around for long durations of time. My favorite type of backpack is a high-quality leather backpack and thus, I was eager to review the Pad & Quill Roll Top Leather Backpack. While using this backpack over the last few weeks, I found that it is very well made using high-quality materials and holds all that I need to carry. It may not have many external pockets and getting things out of the backpack takes time, but the main compartment’s quick side access zippered slot is available to help alleviate some of those troubles (if the items are small enough to fit through the zippered access that is). This backpack has easily become my favorite bag! [click to continue…]

Always on the lookout for small items that I can use in an emergency, I happened upon the Midori Memorandum Card and just had to share it. Made by Midori in Japan, these tiny 31-page notepads are only 2.25 x 3.33 x 0.1 inches, which makes them about the footprint of a standard credit card, and therefore small enough to fit into a pocket in most wallets. It also weighs only 6 grams! At $10.33 each, they are a bit pricey but cute and potentially useful—that is, unless we’ve all converted to only jotting notes into our smartphones. Note that you can order one through Amazon.

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If you have the available space, mounting your TV on a wall is a game changer when it comes to improving the experience of movies and TV shows. Mounting on a wall also keeps your home theater roomier and less cluttered. When we remodeled our basement several years ago, I made sure that we would mount our TV on the wall. That was 7 years ago and I can’t imagine ever going back to a console or table mounted TV. Now you can have a wall mounted TV too – For FREE. [click to continue…]

Are clips or twist ties the best way to secure a bag rice, beans, coffee, cereal, etc? One alternative to consider is a Bag Cap from ROMMEKA. What the heck is a bag cap you’re wondering?  [click to continue…]

As someone who travels a lot I often find myself in situations where my phone or other device is low or out of power and a wall outlet is not readily available.  Before I travel, I meticulously charge my phones (I carry a personal and a work phone), my headphones, iPad, and computer.  Where these plans fall apart is when I get to the airport and begin draining my batteries while waiting to board my flight.  I don’t know how I made it this long without a supplementary power supply but now that I have the ROMOSS Longuard Power Bank, I will never travel without it.  (Picture is the Longuard next to an Apple iPhone 7 plus)  [click to continue…]

One reason I enjoy reviewing portable Bluetooth speakers is that it’s fun to watch how companies try to one-up the competition with materials, innovative features or just plain ole’ audio quality. And sometimes, a company will come along and introduce all three elements into a single speaker. The V-Moda Remix Wireless Speaker contains more like two-and-a-half rather than all three elements. I’ll explain later.

V-Moda has been a pioneer in the headphone market because they don’t rest on their past success. The sound signature of their original Crossfade headphones was crowdsourced and the result was a warm, pleasing and fun headphone. Things only improved with subsequent Crossfade headphones. Soon, I will review the new Crossfade 2 Wireless headphone as V-Moda dips deeper into the Bluetooth market.

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Can you imagine what the first humans thought when they were able to create fire for the first time? You can experience a tiny bit of that magic by harnessing the energy from fire to charge your gadgets. The FlameStower converts heat from a campfire into electricity that you can use to charge your USB devices. [click to continue…]

Keep all the miscellaneous gear in your car in one place with a Seat Organizer from Ketzel. These multi-compartment leather holders are designed to hang on the back of a car seat so you can keep everything neat and tidy for easy access. Ketzel makes their car seat organizers for a selection of Toyota, VW, Jeep, and other vehicles. They are constructed to hold a variety of items from flashlights, books, water bottles, and more. Each seat organizer is made from 100% Columbian leather with double-stitched waxed polyester thread and are priced at $150 – $199. You can read more about these rugged car gear bags at

Coding For Dummies is an ebook which normally costs $16.00 but it is being offered FREE of charge until 10/17/17. This ebook offers hands-on exercises will help you learn to code like a pro without needing prior coding experience. Coding for Dummies is a guide that uses plain English to help the reader build up their knowledge in writing computer code for web, applications, and software development using languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

There are a few hoops to jump through to get this guide (if you haven’t already signed up previously with TradePub) but it helps The Gadgeteer to earn some affiliate fees that can help us to bring you more cool product reviews.

If you’ve been following along at home, you know that I recently had a 3-month fling with an iPhone 7 Plus but just switched back to Android a few days ago. I’m currently using an original Pixel XL but ordered the new Pixel 2 XL last week after it was announced by Google. And now I’m switching again, this time it’s my wireless carrier and I’m switching from Verizon to T-Mobile. [click to continue…]

When it comes to day trips and travel days, I’ve been using the same portable battery pack for years to keep my phone topped off. During that time, battery packs have become not only smaller but pack more power into that smaller unit. Belkin offered their Pocket Power 5,000mAh portable charger to review and I thought, “Why not?” I just couldn’t say no to the portability and the lovely pink color. [click to continue…]

The past weekend, I attended the New York Comic Con (NYCC) held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. Since 2006, every type of comic, sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, anime, and literary fan can find something to get them excited at NYCC and there are more than enough cool-themed gadgets and tech to put a serious dent in your wallet.  [click to continue…]