Here’s a magnetic air conditioner for your iPhone!

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NEWS – The REDMAGIC VC Cooler 5 Pro is a liquid-cooled system that has been specially designed for iPhones, complete with a MagSafe magnetic connector on the back. This cooler is being marketed for gamers to keep their phone cool while they are playing some of the most CPU and graphics-intensive games on their iPhones.

I’m not really a gamer unless you count Candy Crush or Words with Friends (is that game even still around?), but I could have used the REDMAGIC VC Cooler 5 Pro earlier this week when I was using my iPhone as a GPS on a really unseasonably hot sunny day. My iPhone 15 Pro Max was noticeably toasty when I arrived at my destination. I even cranked up the car’s AC and held it to the vents for a minute or two to cool it down.

With a 7 blade fan that can spin at 5500 rpm and 36W of cooling force, the REDMAGIC VC Cooler 5 Pro can achieve temperatures as low as 10°F (-12°C). The only thing I don’t know about this cooler is how long it can run on a charge or if it has to be plugged into the phone for power. Nothing is mentioned on REDMAGIC’s site… Still want one? You can grab one for $59 directly from REDMAGIC. And if you’d rather shop from Amazon, I found a similar looking magnetic phone cooler for only $16.99.

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  2. I expected it to charge via wireless charging but then realised this isn’t android plus it would drain a lot of battery that way 😭

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