Take your gaming on the go with this deal on the XREAL Air 2 Pro!

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NEWS – Portable gaming usually translates to a small screen experience, but AR glasses can give you a big screen in a small, inconspicuous package.  For a limited time, XREAL is bundling a pair of noise canceling soundcore Liberty 4’s with the Air 2 Pro glasses.

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The Air 2 Pro is the latest iteration of XREAL AR glasses, and are a close facsimile to a normal pair of shades.  Packed with tech, these glasses can deliver up to a 130″ spatial display at 120hz anytime, anywhere.  If you’re interested in what all the AR hype is about but not ready to drop $4k on the Apple Vision Pro, the XREAL Air 2 Pro’s are worth a look.

This deal is available to US customers who order the Air 2 Pro directly from XREAL until April 23rd, 2024.

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