Nintendo reveals Switch Online service details

Nintendo Switch Online

After months of conjecture based on a handful of details, Nintendo finally announced their full intentions with their upcoming Nintendo Switch Online service, launching in September of this year. The service will allow continued access to multiplayer games as well as Save Data Cloud Backup (finally!) and access to a growing library of classic NES …

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Game Boy alarm clock wakes you up to Super Mario tunes

Game Boy alarm clock

Waking up is about to become a bit more fun, or rather 8-bit more fun thanks to the Game Boy alarm clock. Sorry, we couldn’t resist. The Game Boy alarm clock is practically an identical replica of the original console from the 80’s. To that effect, it’s even the same size. But instead of being used …

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Nintendo announces Super NES Classic Edition

Following up the massive success and sellouts of the NES Classic Edition, Nintendo is hoping that lightning will strike twice as it announced today the release of a Super NES Classic Edition. Like the NES Classic, the Super NES Classic will be a mini system and will ship with 21 preinstalled classic games. It comes …

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Nintendo Announces Wii U Release Dates and Prices

One of my favourites games of all time is Mario Kart, and I’ve played it on every Nintendo console system released so far. Well Nintendo has  just announced release schedules and pricing for their new Wii U, another platform for me to get my Karting fix. Their new console will be available in two versions; the White …

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Nintendo improves the 3DS eShop

Nintendo will be adding a few new features to their 3DS eShop.  This November update will include downloadable add-on updates to existing games, limited-play demos, sleep mode downloads and a web based eShop.  I’m really excited about the web based eShop.  It will be so much easier browsing the increasingly growing number of titles in …

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Nintendo’s 3DS Circle Pad Attachment

Most gamers would agree that having a left and right circle pad is necessary on a game controller.  The problem is that Nintendo released the 3DS with only one circle pad.  It works fine for most games but now game designers are making more complicated games that require a second circle pad.  And that’s why …

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Nintendo wants to bring the 3DS experience to the living room using the Wii-U

Nintendo had two successful products, the DS/3DS  and the Wii, with each one of them provides its own benefits. The Nintendo 3D/3DS offers a two screen gaming experience and focuses more on hard core gamers. The Wii, on the other hand, is focused on the broader demographic and has provided more social experience when using …

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Nintendo unveils new Wii-U console

Nintendo has just unveiled its new 2012 Wii-U console.  The new console will have a speedy IBM Power-based multi-core microprocessor, internal flash memory, HDMI and many new features.  But the main attraction of the Wii-U console would be the new controller.  The new controller has a built-in 6.2 inch touch screen along with the standard …

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Nintendo will offer 3D content for the Nintendo 3DS


Last year, we reported that Nintendo planned to introduce a new game console that will support 3D displays without the need of special glasses. In the Nintendo keynote at the Game Developers Conference 2011, Satoru Iwata president and CEO of Nintendo announced that 3D content that will be available for the Nintendo 3DS. Beside recording 3D movies …

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Nintendo DSi XL coming soon!

Since the release of the first DS back in 2005, Nintendo have sold more than 100 million handheld games consoles worldwide.  And now they’re back with a bigger and better version, the Nintendo DSi XL. With a choice of three colours, Dark Brown, Wine Red and Natural White, the XL will still incorporate all the …

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