Nintendo announces the 3DS

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Seemingly out of nowhere, Nintendo have announced the release of their latest handheld gaming system, the 3DS.  It will be a 3D ‘glasses-free’ version of the DS/DSi, allowing full 3D play without the need to wear any 3D head gear.

The ‘hot off the press’ information direct from Japan has informed us all that the 3DS will be set for a full unveiling at E3 in June 2010.

Although there has been no official word on the hardware to be used (yet!), Nintendo have added that the 3DS will be compatible with all of your old favourites from the DS and the DSi.  So fear not, you won’t have to start building up your collection from scratch!

The official launch of the 3DS is expected to be around March 2011 (Probably in Japan first) so it’ll be a good year before we get to see it properly.

So, who wants one??

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7 thoughts on “Nintendo announces the 3DS”

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  2. Personally I’m cynical about the value of 3d in a portable device as anything other than a pointless gimmick that will make my head hurt. Still, no matter what Nintendo does for its next generation system, I’m sure it will have plenty of games I’m interested in, so I’ll get one regardless…

  3. Apparently (You might want to take it with a pinch of salt!) Nintendo are looking further into the problem of suffering from headaches when using 3D kit. They say the 3DS (or whatever it’ll be called when it comes out) will be able to be used for longer periods, without straining your eyes, or giving you a bad head.

    Again, I’m not sure what technology they are looking at, but we’ll see.

  4. It’s cool that Nintendo is pushing new technology, but I’m not sure that I’d bother. My DS and DS Lite are already gathering dust because my iPhone has addressed the greater portion of my portable gaming needs. I don’t expect that things will get any better for my DS once the iPad is released.

    I think that I’d have to be quite thoroughly blown away by an in-person demo of this 3D tech for me to even consider buying a 3DS.

  5. Virtual Boy would be a better pic insert, btw I’m not in the mood to strap on a 10 pound weight of my forehead with a batman battery pack on my belt

  6. In 1978, while watching a local news type program, I saw a demonstration of 3D technology right on my little B&W television from a couple of professors at a university. No special glasses needed. The picture did not appear to extend out into the room like most 3D images do, instead the image appeared to have natural depth and dimension inside the TV. This was the result of research into how persons with only one eye can have depth perception. The professors managed to build a single lens video camera that produced a 3D image. The only problem – the picture began to jump / bounce after about 20 seconds. The profs were looking for investors to further research and marketing. Never heard of them again. Maybe this is what Sony has – ?

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