Win a copy of SyncMate for the Mac!

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Let’s suppose you have Mac and PC at home, a Windows Mobile or Nokia device in your pocket, a Google account with important Contacts and Calendar notes, a PSP device with your favorite games and you want all these devices and accounts to be synchronized. Of course you can copy each item and entry, from your Mac to your PC, duplicate Contacts or Calendar entries from your WinMobile device to your Google account, but… this an old fashioned approach and will take a long time. Or, you can install several sync tools in order to have all information up-to-date… In fact, synchronizing all these devices and accounts can be a real headache and you can barely imagine how much will it cost. But not any longer! With SyncMate you can easily sync various data in Mac with Windows Mobile or Nokia phones, other Mac or PC computers, PSP, USB flash drives, Google accounts and even back up data online! Keep reading for contest info.

SyncMate is offered in two editions, Free and Expert

SyncMate Free Edition enables you to sync Address Book and iCal entries in your Mac with their analogues in supported devices and back up these data to Online Backup account. Synchronization with Google Contacts and Google Calendar is also available. With SyncMate you can even sync your Mac Address Book and iCal with Android device! Once you’ve synced these data between Mac and Google account, it will be automatically synchronized between your Google account and Android phone (if auto sync settings are enabled in your Google account).
SyncMate Expert Edition provides all users with full access to all synchronization features. Sync iTunes&Video, iPhoto, Safari and Firefox Bookmarks, Entourage and Mail notes, ToDo’s, Mail and even separate folders between your Mac and supported devices or accounts; create, send or delete SMS messages right on your Mac computer. With Expert Edition all users can even install any .cab files to Windows Mobile devices right from Mac computer. Moreover, with SyncMate you can sync data in your Mac and supported devices automatically (AutoSync option).  SyncMate Expert also supports real-time synchronization – once you have made any changes to files or folders on your Mac or connected device, they will be immediately synchronized (option is offered for Folders plugin and available for synchronization with USB flash drives, other Macs, Sony PSP, Windows PCs only). You can sync your Mac with supported devices via Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet or Internet. OS compatibility: Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1, 6.5 devices, Nokia S40 phones; Maс OS X version must be 10.4, 10.5 or 10.6. SyncMate is your all-in-one sync tool! No need to purchase several sync solutions – just download SyncMate and be sure, all your devices will be perfectly synchronized! More than that, with SyncMate you can sync all the devices mentioned above with each other (via your Mac)! You can find detailed information about SyncMate here

How to win a copy of SyncMate

Prizes – 5 copies of SyncMate Expert Edition

How to win –  Between now and 3/26/10 Midnight EST, leave a comment to this post telling us what devices you’d like to sync together. On 3/27/10 five people will be chosen at random to win a copy of the software.

Rules – 1 entry per person, open to anyone in the world.

20 thoughts on “Win a copy of SyncMate for the Mac!”

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  2. Ooooooh, what would I sync?- Mac desktop, macbook pro, iPhone and a couple of flash drives that I use to carry files from home to work (work=pc). I’m sure I’d find additional devices to sync/ applications once I actually got comfortable with the software. Thanks Julie for putting on the give-away.

  3. You know, I’ve been sitting on the hump trying to figure out what is the best way to sync my Mac desktop, my Dell notebook and my phone. So, of course I’ve done nothing. This is the perfect item to get me off the fence and get everything synced up so that I can get some real work done. Great idea!

  4. I would love to sync my Macbook, Mac Mini, HP Laptop, Work PC and my Palm Pre Plus, plus some thumb drives used for taking data back an forth. Software sounds great!

  5. I need to keep my Droid, my iPod Touch, my MacBook, and data from work (PC) in sync. I think I have finally gotten Google in the middle of all these things, but only for calendar and (sort of) contacts. To synch folders and other items would be heaven to me.

  6. Mac, iPod Touch, Google Contacts, Nokia 5310, various PC virtual machines. Probably a handful of other devices and services I’m forgetting about. I find it horrifying that all this information is currently unsynced and I have to dig through all my devices to find what I am looking for.

  7. I have Android phone, Storm 2, iMac, Macbook Pro, Windows XP PC and Windows Netbook; would like to keep it all in sync. I already have Soonr to sync important folders and Google Sync for contacts and calendar entry, but it will be nice to have one solution for everything.

  8. All I want for Christmas (and Easter, and Fourth of July, and Halloween) is a reliable way to sync my calendar, contacts, and e-mail between my Samsung Blackjack II running Windows Mobile 6 and my iMac with Intel running Mac OS X version 10.6.2 and Entourage 2008 (not Apple Mail or iCal). I’ve read horror stories about other PC-Mac sync products and hope SyncMate is the answer to my prayers.

  9. It will be great to sync my iMac, Macbook Pro, Windows XP desktop, Google Calendar; brilliant if even with Microsoft Sharepoint and Palm!

  10. My sync wish list includes my home 24″ iMac (esp. iCal and Mail), work Lenovo T60p (Outlook mail, calendars, tasks, notes, etc), iPhone 3GS, G-mail (and other Google stuff), Yahoo! mail and probably some other stuff I can’t remember. I also like the online backup capability!

  11. i would sync up my blackberry,hero,and touch pro2. Iwould sync all there phones up with my desktop pc and my mac laptop. This would also be great if i could sync with my ps3 and psp. I absolutely love having everything sync so nothing would be lost. This would be the best thing ever invented for me.

  12. It would certainly be great if I can synchronize my laptop (MacBook Pro) with my HTC Touch Pro and some of the data in my Windows PC, especially investments and other financial records.

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