Most multi-tools have knives, pliers and screwdrivers, but the Rule/One “multi-tool” is a multi-tool for writing and drawing that features a removable pen that can be converted into a stylus or a lanyard, and a ruler with inches on one side and metric measurements on the other side. The Rule/One has a milled aluminum body… Read More

I’ve been using a paper journal on a daily basis for the past year. I’d tried digital journals in the past, but I’ve always enjoyed using analog tools more than apps on my smartphone. The advantages to using a digital journal over an analog journal are the ability to archive them and the ability to… Read More

If you get your creativity kicks by putting a pen to paper, or a stylus to your electronic device, but want to do it in the accurate colors of your world, your wish may have just come true.  The Scribble Pen uses “smart ink” technology to accurately mix the ink to the color you select with the RGB… Read More

If you love notebooks and journals as much as I do, it’s probably not a stretch to say that you also love pens. Finding the perfect pen for the perfect journal is a quest that can take a long time to complete. I have a favorite pen, but I’m not sure it’s my perfect pen… Read More

Do you have a useful tip, trick, life hack or cool DIY project that you think other Gadgeteer readers can use to make their life easier or would find interesting? So many people have great ideas and they never share them. To help change that, I’ll be posting regular articles sharing some of the best… Read More

Today (January, 23rd) is National Handwriting Day, an annual celebration which was started three years ago in 2013 by Moleskine. To celebrate this occasion, you’re encouraged to temporarily put down your smartphones and computer keyboards, and use your favorite pen and notebook to write a note. Then use your phone to take a picture of your… Read More

I love a good pen.  It’s something that I use every day along with a good notebook, so having a good writing instrument is important to me.  Olixar has released the Hexstyli 6-in-1 pen that has various gadgets built into it. Let’s take a look and see what it has. Note: Images can be clicked to view… Read More

TEC Accessories is now offering a new version of their PicoPen which I reviewed back in 2009. Their original EDC pen was made of stainless steel and was pretty tiny. This new version is the PicoPen Ti and it’s longer, wider and stronger. Let’s take a look. The new PicoPen Ti is noticeably larger when… Read More

Do you include a pen as part of your EDC (every day carry)? I have a couple full sized pens in my gear bag, but I don’t typically carry a small pen in my pocket for those times when I’m walking around at work and need to write something. Since I’m currently obsessed with pens… Read More

If you visit The Gadgeteer on a regular basis, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been posting a lot of pen reviews lately. Since I’ve gotten back into using notebooks and journaling on a daily basis, I’m obsessed with finding the perfect pen to go with my notebook. Every good notebook deserves a great pen. They… Read More

I am currently obsessed with pens. But not just any old run of mill type of ballpoint pens, I’m interested in uniquely designed pens that you can’t buy at your local Walmart superstore. I am looking for a combination of good looks, good feel and of course, good writing. The newest pen that I’ve had the… Read More

Kaweco might sound like a Japanese company, but it’s really a German company. Kaweco has been making dip pens, fountain pens and other writing instruments since 1883. I don’t really care for fountain pens, but I couldn’t resist their AL Sport rollerball pen with a stonewashed finish that reminds me of an old pair of jeans… Read More

I thought my quest to find my all time favorite pen ended when I found Uniball Jetstream pens a few years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I still like the Uniballs because I don’t get too upset if someone walks off with one or I lose one. But I’ve recently found myself wanting something nicer… Read More

Last week I posted a review of the Karas Kustoms RETRAKT pen. I really liked the pen but wished it had a better clicky mechanism. The RETRAKT isn’t the only pen made by Karas Kustoms though. They were kind enough to send me the Bolt pen to try. Is this one clicky enough for me… Read More

My fascination with pens started as a child when I discovered a box in our shed that held some very old mechanical pens and pencils from my Dad’s parents time. I remember “borrowing” those pens to play with them. I wish I still had those writing instruments today, but unfortunately for me and my Dad… Read More