It doesn’t look very comfortable to grip, but I still want one of these pens!

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NEWS – I’m a sucker for pens and pencils. Ok, who am I kidding, I’m a sucker for anything stationery related and these pens from PARAFERNALIA have me looking for my credit card. I don’t know if it’s the rainbow of colors that you can choose from or the unusual open design that is drawing me in the most. The Parafernalia Revolution Ballpoint Pen is an Italian brand and this pen is hand-assembled from 31 individual pieces. As the title of this post suggests, I am not convinced that I would want to write with it for any length of time, but it sure would look good on my desk. Want one for your EDC? Head over to where they are $79. And if this pen isn’t your style, check out all of our pen reviews here on The Gadgeteer!

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4 thoughts on “It doesn’t look very comfortable to grip, but I still want one of these pens!”

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  2. Don’t know – the shape actually reminds me of the rubber sleeves you used to be able to get to put onto pencils/pens to make them more comfortable and easier to write with, so it may work.

    1. That’s what I was thinking also. I remember we used the triangle rubber grip to also help with teaching how to hold a writing instrument correctly.

      It’s feels more natural for your fingers and you don’t get writers cramp as fast also.

  3. They are nice but not $79 nice. I guess if they had been made from a material like titanium and not aluminum I could see them going that much but it’s 3 aluminum tubs plastic spacers are not $79.

    I’d just go to the Dollar store and buy the Rubber Triangle Grips 4 for $1. It’s your money I just know that to me that’s way way too much money to spend on a pen. It is a cool pen like to see it in a $30 opinion.l

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